There was a bright flash of light, and Belkar suddenly found himself standing in a large circular room. There was a large balcony of some sort that ran along the wall, and there were… little green men staring down at him. Belkar arched an eyebrow, and asked: "Um… what's going on here?"

"You're being abducted…" one of the bug-eyed freaks responded in a low, nasaly tone.

"For naughty reasons…" another of the aliens added with a rather creepy giggle.

"Naughty… purposes?" Belkars eyebrow rose even higher. "Naughty as in, I get to kill things?"

"No…" one of the little green men shook his head. "Naughty as in we're going to derive carnal pleasure from watching your partake in sexual activities."

"So… you're going to watch me have get freaky with somebody?" Belkar's eyebrow couldn't have risen any higher. "For your own enjoyment?"

"Essentially, yes…" several of the aliens nodded and/or shrugged.

"Works for me!" Belkar grinned. "I'm not usually one to please a crowd, but if the chick's hot enough, you'll get no complaints from me. So… where is she?"

"He should be arriving any second now…" one of the aliens replied cheerfully.

"Wait…" Belkar's grin eroded into a confused look of horror. "He?"

There was a flash of light, and a loud zapping noise. A pair of strong hands suddenly gripped Belkar's shoulders, and the words that followed assured him that all of his worst nightmares were about to become true…


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