Soon Kim/Jirix

Soon Kim, now in the afterlife but unwilling to let Azure City go, can't help himself but spend time scrying on the city. He follows the plight of the resistance closely, rooting for their small victories and cries with them for each setback.
Of course, being dead, there's precious little he can do but watch.

Turns out he has some impressive experience in watching, all that being bound to the portal and such after his death.
From his vantage point in the throne room he has seen quite a lot, but mostly boring paladin politics and more recently the antics of a seemingly senile ruler and his cat.
Now, no longer restricted to a single room, Soon Kim discoveres he has aquired a taste for watching.
Though he is loath to admit it, he's simply become a Peeping Tom, a vouyer spying on his own people.

Needlessly to say, this situation makes him immensly frustrated. Being able to see all that takes place in Azure City, but unable to do anything about it takes it's toll.
Of course, he can always try to take his mind of things by visiting Roy's mum, but he just can't help himself. Time and time again he returns to Azure City, most of the time just by scrying, other times by visiting as a ghost.

In the early days after the collapse of the city, Soon Kim tried using his ghost form to contact the resistance. As a ghost he could have offered valuable intelligence on the hobgoblin army and such.
But, as Roy has discovered before him, it's suprisingly difficult for the dead to contact the living if there's no Blood Oath involved.
So far Soon Kim has only managed to make the azurite's "#1 psychic" vaguely uncomfortable and giving himself a strong feeling of impotency.

So, dispirited (metaphorically) and full of pent up frustration, he keep watching Azure City (with a certain partiality for the female resistance members sleeping quarters).

Ok, the premise for the rest of the story is that Jirix is becoming a nervous wreck from being around Xykon and Tsukiko. And the added burden assosciated with being Redcloak's whipping boy doesn't help either (Redcloak treats the poor hob as a clerk, not a cleric).
By virtue of being one of the highest level clerics left, Jirix had his own rooms in the palace.
In a closet he finds some rather intriguing pieces of lingerie in white lace with pink frills.

Jirix, stressed out and close to snapping, finds this completely alien clothing strangely soothing. As a hobgoblin he should be repulsed by such frivolous and decadent human things.
Attracted by a powerfull double taboo (crossdressing, and in human lingerie to boot), Jirix finds solace in these garments.

Now, enter the our vouyeristic ghost, Soon Kim. Jirix, a high level cleric, turns out to be a bit better at sensing the dead than the aforementioned "#1 psychic". He can feel a strong presence, which in turn triggers his latent exhibitionic tendensies.
Soon Kim is at first repulsed by the crossdressing hobgoblin, but…

The details are a bit hazy, but it all ends up with Jirix covered in ectoplasma.

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