The Brown-cloak leaned against the building wall, gazing on as the other hobgoblins gathered around one with a whip, laughing excitedly every time the leather cord struck a marching slave. The Brown-cloak knew what was coming, the chances growing with every whip crack. He hurriedly moved deeper into the shadows of the ruined blue building. He let out a sigh, as a green fletched arrow flew straight through the whip’s long strip. He heard the shouts of combat erupt out by the slave lines. He turned and looked into the broken shop window, “the fight could wait”, he thought bitterly, “I’ll probably just die anyway.”
Inside the window stood some musical instruments, and …hey, a pile of money. The brown-cloak chuckled to himself. He loved easy money. As he reached for the coin, he noticed a paper slip sitting close by. He was no expert on common, but he read it as saying;
Sorry I stole form you, the money is lying in the window, Elan
The Brown-cloak didn’t know or care who this Elan character was, but he wanted his money. He pocketed the gold and turned to the battle. Most of his allies were dead. “Of course…” Again the Brown-cloak sighed. What fools the hobgoblin soldiers were. “Better go vaporize some rebels”, he mumbled to himself. As he walked from the shop he noticed…an abnormality. A red-haired Northern woman was shooting hobgoblin warriors with a bow and many green fletched arrows. If he had a longer attention span than hat of a simple beetle, he would have remembered the whip being shot with a said arrow, and you would have to have a good attack role to shoot that.
If a hobgoblin thick facial skin allowed one to show more emotion than just Rage and indifference, it would have looked as though the Brown-cloaks mouth had just dropped in surprise. He stared at the red-haired woman, wobbling a little on his wide, clawed feet. He quickly shook his head to clear his thoughts, but it didn’t work. The grace, the agility of this woman was unbearable. Even as she killed his allies he couldn’t help but think…think? He stifled a giggle. Think about it! Him, a hobgoblin, and her… probably a high level adventurer. A laugh escaped his lips. Then another. Soon he was stumbling around, laughing his head off. The thought of that brief moment of lust was surprisingly funny.

Haley shot down another hobbo warrior letting out a little eek of disgust as green blood drained from the arrow wound in his head. A close by soldier called out, “look, a Brown- cloak!” pointing at the laughing hobgoblin. “Better go kill the bugger,” Haley let out an exasperated sigh and notched another arrow.

Wiping away tear streaked eyes from laughing so hard, the Brown-cloak rested his arms on his knees, breathing hard. He looked up to see the sexy human chick walking at him with her bow drawn and notched.
“Oh crap!” he stammered, standing up and pulling a scroll from his belt. Right at that moment an arrow hit him straight in the arm. “Damn it!” he cursed and cast the scroll of false life he had been carrying, feeling the spells protective shield knit itself over his body. He pulled the arrow out, gasping at the sharp spike of pain that pulsed through his body as the sharpened tip came free. He grunted and used the clichéd line from the movies, “say hello to my little friend!” and cast his scorching ray spell at the red- haired woman. The spell missed by a mile, and as the Brown-cloak stared at his hand in amazement, three arrows pierced his head and chest, shattering his protective spell.
As he lied on the ground dieing, he couldn’t help thinking how ironic this all was, as his first love was the person who killed him. He thought that was unfair. Then, he died.

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