Redcloak/Celia (Part 1)

We gather here today to mark the trial of this goblin, faced with war crimes against Azure city and against weakening the fabric of the universe. We ask our twelve gods to-” “EXCUSE ME!”

Hinjo was cut off by the goblin standing in the center of the throne room. The crimson mantle had been taken from him, and he still stood erect despite the many wounds he had suffered.

“I would like to be quoted as saying that your barnyard gods suck, and, this entire situation is their fault.”

A collective gasp spread quickly around the room. Hinjo’s contorted into a look of rage as he stood by the thrown.

“How dare you! The only reason the so humanoids have died throughout the years revolves around the fact that-”

Again the goblin cut Hinjo off mid-sentence.

“I also wish it to be known that I have a right to an attorney. I have read all of your Azure law books in my many years of living”

The goblin smirked. All eyes in the room swiveled to Hinjo.

“Well, um,” Hinjo sighed and hung his head. “The goblin is correct. He will be given an attorney.”

Many loud voices resounded out through the crowd, as none liked this new announcement. Especially the Order. They stood near the back, conversing out Hinjo’s sight, trying to decipher the situation.

"Did I hear that right? The goblin will get an attorney?"

"Yes Elan, But we have a more important problem on our hands. Who would act as a defense lawyer for him?"

"The only one we know of is Celia, but she'd never do that case."

"Actually, I would."

"WHAT! Celia, you can’t, that guy was in the dungeon, he'd kill you!"

"No Roy, I don't believe he would."

"And why is that, pray tell?"

"Because I know him"

The rest of the order simply gaped. Only Belkar wasn’t fazed.

“Do you mean you’ve meet him, or-”

Roy raised his voice in a warning tone.


“Alright already, Can’t I have any fun?”

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