Redcloak/Celia (Part 2)

Pain. Redcloak felt pain. That and much emotion. Words burled inside his head like a swarm of anger. Fear. Doubt. Failure. Anger, anger more than anything else. Ghosts swirled around him shouting, yelling, telling him what a bad job he had done.

Redcloak curled into a tighter bundle on the dirty mat. All he could do was stammer over and over again. “I tried. I tried. Revered Master, Unholy Dark one, I TRIED!”

He felt more pain. He had forgotten all that had happened sense that red-headed human shot him with the arrow. He briefly remembered his soldiers getting killed, and Xykon leaving him behind, leaving with some other human. He remembered being bound, and thrown in this cell. Then he remembered the most recent memory. Getting angry, at some…some paladin. A mob, he remembered that. Stones, anger, more pain. He heard the door open but felt no reaction.

He heard a voice. Someone was talking to him. He had to pull it together.

Grunting under the pain Redcloak sat up. Blinking his eyes, the cell slowly came into focus.

Celia was standing in front of him. Celia? Celia! All his thoughts forgotten Redcloak Leapt to his feet.

“Celia? I thought you died in the explosion of the dungeon! I-”

Celia put a hand over his mouth. She spoke softly.

“Those days are over Redcloak. Gone and done.”

Redcloak lightly pushed the hand from his face. He spoke tenderly.

“I know. I’m just glad to see you. Why are you here?”

“I’m going to be your attorney.”

Redcloak’s eyes widened slightly, but he forced them level. He swallowed.


“Yes, that’s right.”

Redcloak showed no more emotion, his brain now working on a way to win the case, as now he actually had a chance. He knew the Azurite laws, probably better than most of the what would be the jury members, but the paladins? They would be a problem. Celia stared at his face, she knew his different expressions, and could tell he was deep in thought.

“Do you have any ideas?”


Redcloak left it at that. Celia knew him better than to question him when he was in this faze, and before she left the room she called back.

“I will be reading the Azurite law books, if you have something to tell me just ask the guards. They will fetch me.”

Still in thought, and trying hard to keep the demons that haunted him away by thinking hard, Redcloak simply waved her out.

“Alright. I will call if I need you.”

Redcloak sat down again on the mat, letting his green skin touch the cool stone. He had no ideas. Nothing. He held his head in his hands, sighing slightly as he tried to focus on the situation involving his case. He spoke softly to himself, throwing possible explanations back and forth in his sub-conscious.

“Plead guilty for reduced sentence? Wouldn’t work , I’d still get death sentence. Paladins are uptight, I might be able to insult one enough it would kill me, and their idiotic code of honor would force them to resurrect me, but no, I would still die and I don’t want that.”

Before he could start again he heard a voice from the cell over.

“Hey, Goblin. You trying to bust out or something?”

Redcloak turned to see a Halfling behind the bars. Redcloak stared quizzically, first wondering why a Halfling would be in jail, and then if he had seen the same one before.

“Do I know you?”

“Probably, me and my dorks of an adventuring party stormed Xykon’s dungeon last year.”

“Hmm. I see. Oh, and yes, I am trying to get out.”

“And Celia is our attorney?”

“Yes, why?”

The Halfling sat backing his sell. His face turned from curious to annoyed pout.
“Goddamnit! She’s acting for some weird goblin’s case but not mine? Great, just great.”

Back in her room Celia thought over her books. She also pulled apart the last case she was in. The Order’s case involved the weakening of the fabric of the universe, maybe she could find something there? She opened her notes from that case and began flipping through them. She was about to put the thin pad away when something caught her eye. It was a piece of blue paper, with some scribbled writing on it. Absent-mindedly she pulled it out, and read what was written on it;

Angel summoned for final verdict turned out to be Roy’s father.

Then it hit her. She had a way out.

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