Vaarsuvius/Zz'dtri (Part 1)

Vaarsuvius rested on the small island, leaning back against the rock. She read on inside of her book, hoping to immerse herself in something so meaningless so she wouldn’t have to relive the same memories over and over. Every time she even blinked, she could see the soldiers face, contorted with rage, anger directed at her, for her own useless magic. Vaarsuvius hung her head in shame. She knew she should have done something, anything to help those soldiers. Her head ached, and her arms hung loosely at her sides from tiredness, but she forced herself not to trance.

Eventually she grew tired of her book. The sun blared over the island, and shade was impossible to find. Piling her books enough high enough so she could read while standing up, the accursed imp returned to her. It floated close by, but still a small distance away. “So…hey there, again.” The small imp asked, flying closer, beating its small wings. “Great gods of magic, have you actually returned?” Vaarsuvius replied dryly, almost completely locked into her reading. Vaarsuvius inwardly groaned as the demon pressed on, asking about the magic the elf used and how to make it better. “Nothing a mage like you couldn’t finish in a few weeks, at the most.”

Raising her arm to be level with the flying imp, which glowed with magical energy, and responded calmly; “You make an intriguing offer, one that is very tempting.”
“By design.”

“It would seem that I have little alternative than to answer thusly: Disintegrate!” shouting the spell, a green ray of crackling magic shot out of her extended hand. “Whoa! Hey, you almost hit me with that!” the imp shot upwards, crying out in fright at the aspect of becoming a small pile of dust.

“Apologies, I will endeavor to aim more accurately next round, spawn of hell!” The imp flew into the air again, hoping to dodge as Vaarsuvius prepared to cast a second spell. Before she could release the words to cast it again, she heard a whispered voice from behind her, “Vaarsuvius, you may want to save yours spells, you’re going to need them.”

Spinning around, Vaarsuvius saw a figure floating in the air. “What, surprised to see me all of the sudden?” the Drow grinned, green magic crackling in his dark hand.

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