Vaarsuvius/Zz'dtri (Part 2)

Zz’dtri stayed floating in the air, nearly twenty feet above the rocky island. Almost seconds after he had made his presence known to Vaarsuvius she summoned power from within her, releasing it in a great gout of flame. Zz’dtri stayed motionless, but mumbled something Vaarsuvius could not understand. When the flames died away, a small globe of green magic pulsed around the dark elf. Still smiling he gently flew down level with the elf, talking calmly. “Still using the same fire, Vaarsuvius? I would have expected something a little more, inventive…”

He kept coming forward, as Vaarsuvius took steps back trying to open the gap between them. Before she could react, he cast a spell quickly, flying from his hands; “Hold person.” Caught by surprise, Vaarsuvius felt her strength drain away, leaving her standing with an startled expression on her pointed face. The Drow circled the elf, studying her. Finally he landed in front of her. Murmuring softly, Zz’dtri continued to speak, his tone turning from angered to rage. “I was placed in a cell. I was starved, and torn from the magic that had become such an important part of my life, like it has to you. I treated horribly directly because of you. You and your damned method of finding loopholes, some horrible problem every person around you except for your own damned self.”

By the end of his speech Zz’dtri was shaking with anger, but as soon as he had become angered he was calm again, speaking in his normal whispered state. Vaarsuvius felt strength flow back into her. Once the spell the Drow had cast she planned to fight back with every ounce of strength she had. “I could use a spell to stop his own, or impair his movement. Forcecage may wo-” Her thoughts where cut short when the dark elf grabbed her throat. Her mind was blank, she couldn’t breath. Her only intent was to last on what little air she had.

With his one hand Zz’dtri held Vaarsuvius. His other stayed to one of the scimitars on his back. He pulled it form the sheath, turning the tip to Vaarsuvius’s thin neck, just close enough to draw a thin line of blood. “I would have expected you to have shrugged off the spell by now, elf. I suppose it doesn’t matter. It fills you with a power, doesn’t it? Being able to kill your worst enemy any time you choose?” He gave a soft laugh, and continued, “But I’m not going to kill you…” He released Vaarsuvius, who dropped to her knees, gasping in air. Finally she spoke.

“Why…not?” Zz’dtri stared down at her, no mercy in his eyes. “I have something better in store for you. But for now, take a nap.” He swung the scimitar down, landing a heavy blow on Vaarsuvius’s head, who crumpled to the ground with a groan. Zz’dtri could only grin wickedly. Soon the dragon would arrive.

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