Vaarsuvius/Zz'dtri (Part 3)

For the next few hours, Vaarsuvius drifted in and out of consciousness. At one point, she was ripped from her dreams by sharp pull on her hair. Bleary eyes opened, to see that same damned dark elf, kneeling in front of her. He had no mercy in his face. “Drink,” he said sternly, forcing a mug of dark liquid to her mouth. Vaarsuvius struggled, trying to free herself, but the more she moved, the more she saw and understood. She was bound and lying next to one of the rocks on her pitiful island. Peering about through half open eyes, she caught glimpses of equipment strewn about, her own and the drow’s.

glancing at her feeble struggle, Zz’dtri spoke again. “Fine, if that’s how your going to act, I make you drink this.” his hand shot out, grabbing her face in his hand, prying her jaw open just enough so he could pour the scummy liquid down her throat. It was fiery, and burned Vaarsuvius’s throat, landing heavily in her stomach. Immediately she was fully functional, able to speak and see all of the island in which she was trapped.

“I’m not dead?” Vaarsuvius spoke carefully, afraid for the first time in her life of the consequences of her actions. “No, I’m afraid not.” Zz’dtri said, his backed turned to the high elf, “that drink I gave keeps you functional, but immobile in all body sections, not including the face of course. It’s my own concoction, and I use quite often.” In response Vaarsuvius tried to move, but was unable, she had lost control of her own self. “You bastard, what’s your idea? If the found you my allies would kill you in a moment!” Vaarsuvius shot at him. “Ah, I thought your assistances would come with, but look at my luck. You spurned them and flew away in a rage. What could be more perfect?” a rare smile came to Zz’dtri’s face.

“I would kill you were you stand if it were not for these bonds,” Vaarsuvius’s face reddened and voice raised, she was not accustomed to a situation where she had no power. “Again, I have beaten, for I’m quite sure you would not want to let this go to waste.” Vaarsuvius let out a quick gasp. The drow had her spell book.

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