…Belkar grabs into the sack and throws the cat at Tsuiko.
But instead of clawing bleeding scratches in her soft face, the cat starts to purr and licks her cheeks.
"That wasn't what I expected…", Belkar grumbles.
"Cute cat", whispers Tsuiko, "I have an nice idea for you."
With the power of her Fly-Spell Tsuiko manages to escape the scene, although Belkar throuhgs both his daggers.
"DAMN IT!", the halfing shouts an starts tracking her.
"Belkar!", exclaims Haley, "Stay here! These wights are really tough."
"No! I have to rescue the Scruffynator!", he answers. And probably catch a glimpse under her skirt.
The chase ends at an old pub in a sidestreet. Belkar waits several minutes listening at the door without hearing anything significant. With an loud shout the ranger barges into the taproom.
When he is a little bit confused. The room is filled with illuminated candles, black rose petals and grubby sewn puppets of liches, vampires and other undeads. Behind the corner stands Tsuiko. Apparently tipsy with a half empty bottle of grog.
"What do you want?", she yells, "Why are you here?"
"What is this?", the halfling asks and looks around.
"Just my hang-out", she babbles, "I come here to relax from the daily work or then Redcloaky is playing the big ruler again."
Tsuiko walks to a small filthy sofa in one of the darkest corners where Mr Scruffy already lies gentle miaowing. She sits down and starts petting the cat.
"You don't have to stand there", she chunters and takes several sips from the bottle, "Come and join us."
"Alright", Belkar grins, Such a naughty girl!
Without any further invitations he takes a seat on her thighs and leans against her chest. She has the right size, my ears are warm and comfy.
"Oh, a really wild one?", Tsuiko whispers, "I think we'll get along well with each other."
She bends forward to kiss Belkar's temple. The small guy seems to like it, so he turns his head to kiss her.
After a while Tsuiko whispers an offer into Belkar's ear. The halfling nods immediately looking forward to it. Then she stands up and walks upstairs to the first level.
Hmm… time to leave. For my taste she likes the undead too much.
So Belkar and his loyal companion Mr Scruffy vanish into thin air leaving just a piece of paper:
"It was nice with you but the Belkstar is a lone ranger who has to push along. You know riding into the sunset and so on. I hope the 'Join the villians' deal is not off the table.
Your sexy shoeless god of war
PS: Thanks for wearing a short skirt while flying. You've given me a lot to think about.

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