Miko/Tsukiko (Chapter 1)

Our story begins in the ruins of the once great Azure City. This poor beligured town had been recently been laid low by an army of Hobgoblins lead by the mad Lich Xykon, as a result property values had plummeted. Not that the residents really cared at this point, seeing as most had either fled, died, or been enslaved. But all the same it was a real bummer to what had been otherwise a good life. We now find ourselves on street level where we can see a young girl in a black dress and pigtails walking along, an angry looking young girl to be precise.

"Stupid Goblin… I'll show him. I'll make the most powerful undead warrior he's ever seen from the first body I find!" said Tsukiko, kicking bits of stone and human body parts out of her way.

"It'll be free-willed and evil and mean, with cool black and red armor, and it'll kill him, and I'll take over his job!" She said, as she saw a female corpse just in front of her.

But when she got around to the front she noticed a problem, the corpse's bottom half was missing.

"Oh wait…that's only half. I need the whole corpse." She said, as she observed the body.

"Ah, never mind. That's a dumb idea. It probably wouldn't have been all the powerful anyway." Tsukiko said as she turned and walked away.

But she had not gone more then ten feet before here foot hit something. She looked down to see a severed female lower half laying on the ground. A female lower half that looked oddly familiar, one that might match a certain corpse she just found like ten second ago. (Get the hint!)

"Of all the places to put a hip… Hey wait a minute…" She said, looking back and forth between the torso and hip pieces.

As she looked the wheels in her evil mind began to turn. Suddenly an idea dawned on her, and an evil smirk crossed her face.

"On second thought, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all." said Tsukiko, as she grabbed a leg and walked back over to the torso.

"Come my little one, I've got some big plans for you." She said, as she grabbed the an arm and dragged the two pieces away.

A few hours later, after having found a cart and raising a couple hundred undead, Tsukiko made her way to her temporary base. Using two zombies she dragged the cart with the corpse pieces and her chest of Necromancer Items, which she had "reclaimed" from the city's Illegal contraband lock up, into a former doctors office.

"Whew! That was a hard days work, but now it's time to get down to business. Minions, place the corpse pieces on the table!" said Tsukiko

"Yes mistress." said the zombies as they laid the torso and hip down.

As they were doing that Tsukiko walked over to her chest and opened it up, she then began to rummage around inside.

Now where are those things, I know I put them… Aha! Here they are, my corpse sewing kit and undead glue." She said, pulling out what looked like a med kit and a bottle that said "Undead Glue: For when your zombies need a helping hand.", the bottle showing a smiling zombie, giving a thumbs up and winking.

"Now then, lets get to work." She said, as she walked over to the table and began her fiendish task.

Tsukiko gently applied the glue to each of the separate halves, making sure to attach organs back together right. She then carefully pushed the two parts back together, leaving only a scar where the cut had been.

"Ok, now here's hoping I can remember those sewing skills mom tried to teach me." Said Tsukiko as she pulled out a large needle and some heavy duty medical string.

She stuck the needle in and began to sew up the cut. As she did she noticed how nice a body this girl had, even in death. she noticed her perfect bust, her well muscled and sculpted stomach, and as she flipped the corpse over she definitely noticed her tight and round backside.

"Hmm, she's got a nice ass. This must be my lucky day!" Tsukiko thought to herself, her twisted mind thinking of what she and her soon to be new minion could do together. (And I ain't talking about killing Redcloak neither.)

After about an hour the job was done and Tsukiko surveyed her work.

"Hmm, not bad if I do say so myself. Now little one, it's time for you to awaken. Create Greater Undead!

Meanwhile, in the afterlife of the Southern Gods..

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN NOT ENTER!" yelled a familiar character.

"What I am saying Ms. Miyazaki is that we do not believe you are worthy of entering the Lawful Good afterlife because of… certain recent actions." said the beleaguered, and now slightly deaf, Deva of the Southern Gods.

"But I have spent my life serving the Twelve Gods with honor and distinction! Why do they now deny me entrance to my just reward?!" Yelled Miko, still very steamed.

"It may have to do with the fact you murdered your lord and sovereign with not a single thought of proving his guilt or innocence, or the fact you destroyed one of the gates keeping an extra dimensional horror imprisoned." said the now annoyed Deva.

"But Lord Shojo was conspiring with the forces of evil to take down my beloved city! Also the gate had to be destroyed in order to keep it from falling into the hands of the enemy!" said Miko.

"Look, first off if Lord Shojo had been evil, then the Twelve Gods would not have taken your Paladin powers away when you killed him. Second, while you did keep the gate out of the goblin and lich's hands, you allowed them to escape before the spirit of Soon Kim could destroy them. Now your "beloved" city is under their tyrannical rule. By your actions you have allowed a good bit of evil to occur." said the Deva, pointing an accusing finger at Miko.

"That is not my fault, I did what was right and proper given the circumstances! You can not keep me out because of what some evil villains have done!" screamed Miko.

"You must have a very poor listen check, because you are not hearing what I am saying. Your actions allowed great evil to continue on in the world, you killed your lord! These are most certainly not Good actions, in fact they, and other things you've done, start to trail into Evil territory! Yelled the Deva.

"How dare you say that! Take that back you harpy!" Yelled Miko.

"First off, I'm a Deva not a Harpy, and second, bring it on bitch! Just give me a reason to toss your butt into the lower planes!" said the Deva, standing up and knocking her chair over.

But before Miko could leap over the desk and strangle the Deva, a faint voice could be heard.

"Create Greater Undead!"

"Wait did you hear… AAAAAAAAH!" said Miko, as an unknown force pulled her back and out of her chair.

"Hey! We're not done here yet!" yelled the Deva.

Suddenly Miko felt herself falling, falling from the heavens and back towards the earth. The sicking thought that she was now headed towards the infernal regions crossed her mind as she fell. Miko closed her eyes, preparing herself for the fire and pain, but she would soon find herself in a far different place. The next thing she knew she was laying on a cold slab, and could feel a slight breeze.

"Hmm, I thought the lower planes would be far warmer then this." thought Miko as she lay there.

Miko opened her eyes and instead of seeing a fiend standing over her, she say a young women with mismatched blue/ purple eyes and pigtails.

"Who- who are you? What is this place?" said Miko as she began to sit up.

"My, aren't you full of questions my little one. Very well then, I am your new Mistress, Tsukiko, and this is my lab."

"What are you blathering on about?" said Miko.

"Now then, is that anyway to thank the person who brought you back?" said Tsukiko.

"Hmm, I guess it is not. Thank you for resurrecting me." said Miko, bowing to Tsukiko.

"Uhh, resurrect is not exactly the word I would use." said Tsukiko.

"What do you…" began Miko, but then she noticed something, she could not feel her heart beating.

Miko's eyes widen and she looked down at her hands, the flesh on them pale, in fact gray looking. She then noticed a huge cut on her waist that had been sewn back together. It finally dawned on Miko what had happened.

"I'm- I'm an undead!" said Miko.

"You got it, I knew you would turn out to be smart." said Tsukiko.

"You witch! How dare you do this to me! Prepare to feel the wrath of the Sapphire Guard! Smite…" yelled Miko.

"Minion, stop!" said Tsukiko, and Miko stopped in her tracks.

"Huh, what is going on!" said the now immobile Miko.

"Silly girl, do you honestly think I would reanimate you without making sure you can't harm me? In fact you couldn't attack me even if you wanted too." said Tsukiko.

"Y-you monster!" stuttered Miko.

"Actually your the monster here, I just make them. Now then, you mentioned the Sapphire Guard, in fact I think I know you, you were that fallen Paladin back in the jail cell, correct?

"Yes, yes I was." said Miko, unable to help herself.

"Hmm, then what is your name?" said Tsukiko.

"My name is Miko Miyazaki, former best Paladin in the Sapphire Guard." said Miko.

"You were the best! This really is my lucky day! I think we can really have some fun, in more ways then one." said Tsukiko, arching her eyes and smirking.

"What do you… Oh you are sick and perverted!" yelled Miko.

"Whatever, now come, I have something I want you to do." said Tsukiko, and Miko had no choice but to obey.

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