Miko/Tsukiko (Chapter 4)

We begin our story three months after the fall of Azure City. The Hobgoblin Army led by Xykon, with extreme amounts of work by Redcloak, has fully subjugated the city and its remaining people. The survivors live in constant misery at the hands of the Hobgoblins. Speak of misery, it was the crack of dawn, and time for the slaves to be taken to their backbreaking labor. The Hobgoblins were yelling at the humans and whipping them to make them go faster.

"Ok, we need these humans over at the armory, they need to move some dangerous and deadly munitions before 11:00!" said the Hobgoblin Cleric in charge.

"Come on you lousy humans! Get moving!" yelled Random Hobgoblin Guard #1

"Yeah, you have a lot of heavy things to move from one place to another, and we don't have all day!" yelled Random Hobgoblin Guard #2, cracking the whip.

"Yeah, so get moving you stupid humans!" said Guard #1 as he raised his whip.

But suddenly the whip was cut in two by an arrow fired out of nowhere. The Guard looked down at his whip, puzzled. He did not have long to think on this as three more arrows struck him in the chest, killing him.

"Random Hobgoblin Guard #1!" yelled the Cleric in shock.

"His name was really Random Hobgoblin Guard #1?" said one of the guards.

"His parents were a little weird. But it does not matter now, where the heck did those arrows come from?" said the Cleric.

"From here horrendous and foul creatures!" said the voice from nowhere.

"Whose there? Who are you?" said the Cleric.

"I thought you Hobgoblins would know who we are by now. We are the ones who fight for the downtrodden. We are the ones who fight for justice. We are…" said the voice, then four people jumped out of the shadows.

"The Resistance!" said the person, now revealed to be Haley Starshine.

"You know, I still think we should be called the Azure City Underground." said Isamu.

"And I think we should have gone with the Sapphire Liberation Front." said Thanh.

"Why does no one like my name? I think Rebel Alliance has some punch to it." said Niu.

"Oh for the love of… Will you guys forget the name for now and just free these slaves." said Haley.

"Right, sorry Haley." said Isamu.

"Ok, Isamu and Niu, I want you to free the slaves and get them to the tunnels, got that." said Haley.

"Got it." said Niu as they ran off to their task.

"Thanh, do you think you can handle the remaining guards?" said Haley.

"Their blood will be but a small payment for the atrocities they have visited on my fair city." said Thanh, holding his sword tight.

"Right, now if you excuse me I have to take care of the cleric." said Haley.

Haley ran off in the direction the cleric had fled. As she ran she encountered Hobgoblin guards, but quickly dispatched them with a few well placed arrows.
Using every trick in the "Rogues Guide to Trickery." (Which is a real book, I'm not kidding. It would be a best seller too, if all the Rogues didn't steal their copies) Finally she had found the cleric, and readied herself for a fight.

"Ok buddy, it's the end of the road for you. Get ready for…" Haley said, but she didn't get to finish as the cleric launched a spell.

"Dancing Lights!" said the Cleric.

"Dancing Lights? What kind of low level excuse of a spell is that? Why would you use… dancing…lights…" said Haley, but then she noticed the cleric pointing up and looked skyward.

Hanging a few hundred feet in the air was a large diamond shape made of red lights. It was easily seen from the main tower and the security office therein.

"Hey, there seems to be a signal coming from the slave quarters area. What does a red diamond mean?" said one of the Hobgoblin Guards.

"I don't know, let me check the sheet." said the other Hobgoblin Guard.

He looked at the color coded sheet to see what the signal meant. When he got to the corresponding description his eyes bugged out.

"Well dang, this isn't good." said the Hobgoblin.

"What is it?" said the other.

"We have big trouble, that's what. Better send Black Squadron out on the double." said the Hobgoblon.

"Right, they'll be deployed immediately." said the other.

Meanwhile back with Haley and the Cleric, Haley was still in shock while the Cleric was smirking evilly.

"Now then, Whose at the end of the road again?" said the Cleric.

"Still you." said Haley, as she fired three arrows into the cleric's chest and then ran for it.

"Guys! We've got to get out of here!" said Haley as she ran up to the others.

"What, why?" said Niu.

"Because there's reinforcements coming!" said Haley.

"We can handle another bunch of guards, no problem." said Isamu.

"It's not guards I'm talking about, It's…" but she never got to finish, as suddenly Black Squadron telported in right behind them. (Three guesses who they are.)

"Hello Haley, nice to see you again." said Tsukiko, with her squad of wights and one familiar undead person behind her.

"Wish I could say the same." said Haley.

"Oh come now, is that anyway to speak to your future mistress? In fact I've brought your favorite playmate, and she's been dying to see you again." said Tsukiko, as Miko stepped forward. Dressed in the red and black armor Tsukiko had given her and with a black and deadly looking sword.

"Hello Starshine, it is an honor to be the one to end you." said Miko, an evil grin on her undead face.

"We'll see about that." said Haley, as she readied her bow.

"We shall indeed, prepare to die!" yelled Miko as she leaped at Haley.

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