Mr. Scruffy/Belkar (Part 1)

Belkar woke up one morning feeling strange. He couldn’t remember anything that had happened the previous night. All he did know was that he had fallen asleep naked and now he was awake…and still naked. His companion Mr. Scruffy must have heard him wake up because he was now on the bed and walking towards him. “Hello Mr. Scruffy!” Belkar said. Mr. Scruffy just meowed and started to lick Belkar in a place that he wasn’t too sure was appropriate.

“Mr. Scruffy stop that!” he said but he really didn’t want him to. It felt so good, so right, and making him kind of aroused. Belkar leaned up on one elbow and looked at Mr. Scruffy. He seemed to be enjoying himself well enough. Belkar was supposed to be cheating at life after all. He supposed if it just happened once, it would be okay. As long as no one found out about it. But how would they? Mr. Scruffy couldn’t talk and he wasn’t about to tell anyone.

He sat up slowly as not to disturb the still licking cat. Then he started to gently pet Mr. Scruffy’s head. Mr. Scruffy seemed to like that because he started purring while continuing to lick. Belkar didn’t exactly know how to proceed with this. Bestiality wasn’t exactly his thing. Mostly he just went for really hot women. He started to scratch Mr. Scruffy behind the ears. “It’s okay Mr. Scruffy. This is new for me too. But I’m sure we’ll both enjoy it.” Mr. Scruffy looked up at him and meowed.

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