Mr. Scruffy/Belkar (Part 2)

Two weeks later…

Belkar was eating a ham sandwich for lunch today. He thought back on the past couple of weeks with careful consideration. That was something really not right he had done and was continuing to do with Mr. Scruffy. It wasn’t as if anyone was going to find out. And he didn’t give a damn if they did. Well he would, only because V would call him gay for the rest of his life. Stupid elf.

Belkar put the sandwich to his mouth to take a bite when Mr. Scruffy jumped up on the table. The whole thing shook when the feline moved. For some reason, Mr. Scruffy was starting to get really fat. He didn’t understand how that could be possible. Sure, Mr. Scruffy ate a lot of food, but he was always running around and stuff like that. He decided to ask. “Mr. Scruffy, how did you get so fat?”

“Meow.” He replied.


“Meow meow.” He argued.

“What do you mean you’re a female? How come you didn’t tell anyone? You’re name’s MR. Scruffy.”

“Meow.” Mr. Scruffy said and shrugged.

“NO ONE ASKED?” Belkar was furious. The animal companion he’d had and told all his secrets to never even told him it’s gender. “Well, are they mine?”

Mr. Scruffy gave one simple nod, jumped off the table, and walked away.

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