Therkla/Diago/Lien/Crystal/The Hydra

It all started in a typical American high school. Correction: A typical American high school where there was a food fight earlier that day and the students caught starting the fight are now in detention. In the room was Crystal, the bad girl of the school, and her boyfriend the hydra. Also there was one of her wing women, Therkla. They were there because they started throwing food at the two teachers’ pets, Lien and Daigo. Those two were there because they threw food back. So anyway, detention has started and the teacher left the room to go smoke outside.

Crystal: So Daigo, is Lien your new girlfriend now? I wouldn’t figure you to be the cheating type.
Lein: Just ignore her.
Therkla: Oooh does she fight all your battles for you?
Hydra: *Snort*
Daigo: Just leave us alone.
Crystal: No…I think we’re going to break you guys.

Crystal then takes out a knife. Lein and Daigo, being afraid for their lives, must do whatever the three tell them to. Crystal starts to undress Daigo while Therkla undresses Lein.

Lein: Please, what are you doing?
Thurkla: Shhhhh.

The hydra sits in the corner of the room watching the action intently. Before long, Lein and Daigo are undressed. Crystal and Therkla start undressing each other while making out…

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