Nale/Eastern Pantheon

I Remember

Sometimes, Nale dreams.

He doesn't do it often. It's terrible, to dream when you are Evil; nothing but nightmares, memories of things you've done and pain you've caused and what awaits you after death. Being Evil is fun during the day but a bitch at night.

But it's worse even then that, sometimes… when he remembers… something. Remembers something so profound that he wakes up in a cold sweat and Sabine just looks at him, wondering what the hell's gone wrong with him this time. He's never told her about the dreams- she suspects some childhood trauma or the like, but since he's never bothered her with it, his extraplanar lover leaves the issue be. He loves her for that, sometimes.

But the dreams… they come, and when he awakens, he has the oddest thought fragments clinging to his mind… sometimes, sometimes, he has a thought fragment that says

I am the leader of the

But the next thought is not "the Linear Guild", as it should be, but rather,

The Eastern Pantheon

Who the hell is that? The Eastern Pantheon? Ridiculous. Nale had little truck with gods, but he knew enough to know that there were only three pantheons and none of them were in the East. The East was godless- literally.

But why, then, does he sometimes wake up to a little floating surface memory-fragment that is angry, powerful, that says

Behold my wrath

And why, when that memory floats to the top of his mind, do his hands feel like they should have lightning in them?

He does not know why and tries not to. The possible answers are… unknown, unknowable. He is Nale. He does not question himself.

Even if, sometimes, the last memory fragment, the worst memory fragment floats up, and his heart jumps and jerks in his chest like it's beating its last and he sits up and nearly screams out the word


And he feels like that is the last word he said before death took him, but he's alive now, isn't that stupid to think? He hasn't said his last word yet, how can he have already said it? He's not dead.


(Sabine has never told him, but sometimes in his sleep Nale whispers the word " Zeus, my name was Zeus", and she just ignores it and holds him tight.)

Thor looked down on the reincarnated Zeus from the heavens.

" Sad," he muttered, shaking his head. Loki, floating nearby, overheard.

" Thinking of Zeus again?" Loki said. " Be glad he's still around at all, I thought the Snarl had killed him."

" It did kill him," Thor muttered morosely. " That boy has some of Zeus' divine memories, but none of his spirit. Zeus is dead. The power alone remains."

Loki rolled his eyes. " I hate it when you get sober, you're always so depressing."

Thor reached over and pulled a four-ton flagon of beer out of his celestial fridge and started to drown his sorrows.

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