Kazumi’s robe fell down around her ankles as the door closed behind her. The moonlight spilling in through the open window illuminated her pale, swollen belly. “You there?”

Her voice was soft, small in the stillness. Across the room, the darkness shifted, and three sets of glowing eyes opened. “Yes, of course, pet.”

“Mmmm… You look radiant as always, darling.

“But then, how could you not?”

Kazumi laughed. “You’re too kind. I feel fat and ugly.” She pouted.

“It’s only temporary, darling.”

“And besides, Pet, when you bring our Spawn into the world, our plans will be able to come into completion.”

“And your reward will be great, love. You’ll rule by our sides!”

She smiled again. “Yes, I know.” She frowned. “But it’s hard, pretending to like that insipid little soldier. You know, I think he suspects something…”

“Let’s not worry ourselves with petty human men tonight. We have a date with an elf to keep.”

Seeing the look on Kazumi’s face, one of the fiends was quick to add, “Business only, love. We only have eyes for you.”

“I know,” Kazumi said, smiling insolently. Without further discussion, she stepped into the shadows.


“Kazumi, are you in here? I found your- HOLY CRAP!” Daigo covered his eyes, and backed into the hall.

“Daigo! I wasn’t expecting you!” Kazumi said, hurriedly pulling her discarded robe shut.

“…What are you doing?”

“Ah… That’s not important. We should pick a paint color for the baby’s room! Yes!” She linked arms with him, steering him away from the room. In the darkness, the three fiends let out a collective held breath.

“That was close. Too close.”

“Eh. He’ll have forgotten about it by tomorrow.”

For a moment, they stood in silent contemplation. “Well, onward to business, then.” The other two nodded, and then the three were gone, leaving no trace of their ever having been there.

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