There is a writing desk among the ruins of the once-great Azure City. It is almost, but not entirely, unlike a raven, with a scroll top that has rusted shut.

Inside the permanently closed desk is a diary, the kind with a lock, the key to which is some 300 yards away, on a chain around the neck of half of a skeleton.

Inside the diary is a sealed letter; the writing on the envelope is perfect and elegant. The letter is dated three days before the fall of Miko Miyazaki.

I do not know why I am writing this letter. I start it knowing you will never read it, never even know that I have set pen to paper to express my feelings towards you. It is a frivolity, a useless expression of foolish sentiments. Yet here I am.

When first I met you, I was struck by your beauty, but firm in my resolution to arrest you for the crimes committed by you and your party. But the knowledge that you are a thief and a common criminal did not keep you from my dream that night.

In my dream, I had returned to the forest behind my childhood home, the monastery. I walked along the overgrown path, and you joined me, red hair loose on your shoulders. We did not speak, merely kept each other’s silent company, walking among the trees.

From that night on, you became a fixture in my dreams, despite continually surfacing evidence that you are merely a lawless burglar with delusions of vitue. I could not understand my fixation with you, though my dreams were rapidly loosing their innocence, and often placed me in positions to compromise my virtue with you.

Interestingly, it was Greenhilt’s clumsy attempts at romantic interaction with me that led me to my conclusion: I had fallen in love lust with you.

How, I do not know. I cannot understand how, I, a paladin of unassailable virtue could feel an emotion other than contempt for a criminal such as yourself.

I have prayed to the 12 Gods for guidance, and I have determined that they placed you in my path as a test. Only a true paladin could resist your charms seductive guile. It is my duty to cast you from my thoughts and renew my staggering devotion to the ways of Goodness and Law.

You are merely a trial. This is what I want to believe, but it rings false even to myself. I have proven that I, Miko Miyazaki, am beyond temptation. I have proven my loyalty to the Gods by sacrificing my chance to confess my feelings to the one I love resisting your wicked ways. I do not understand why the Gods continue to torment me. I have lost my parents, and exist in isolation, even among my allies. Everything happens for a reason, and the great plans the Gods have for me are beyond my human understanding.

My loyalty is without peer.

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