O-Chul was having a hard time watching Kazumi and Daigo. They were a loving couple who clearly would have a long, happy future together. He wanted to be happy for them, he really did, but love was hard for him to watch because his own one true love was one he could never have, and would be best off forgetting.

The Goblin's lips were only a breath from his. It hadn't been intentional, on one of his many escape attempts, O-Chul had greased an entire hall of the once grand palace with used cooking oil. The Bearer Of The Crimson Mantle and his lackeys had given chase, and had almost caught up when both he and O-Chul both finally lost their rolls against the +4 Grease of Impaired Non-Slipping (Why the hobgoblins were cooking with it was anyone's guess).

And the Goblin had landed on O-Chul. It had been the most oddly romantic moment of his life. It would have been the perfect opportunity for either to attempt to kill the other, but for one moment, they had simply stared into each others' eyes.

Neither had spoken of it again, but both had noticed the other's hesitation. After that there were subtle changes. Redcloak's torture sessions became more information centric, less about well, torture. And O-Chul made no escape attempts became far less frequent, and in a weird way, he began to look forward to the daily event.

It had never gone further then one brief, shared moment, so why couldn't he forget him?

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