Redcloak/The Snarl

The Dark One would do anything to gain knowledge of The Snarl. It wasn’t exactly a secret. All of the other gods knew it, but what they didn’t know was how far he would go to gain that knowledge, and what he would do with it once he had it.

Redcloak was about to find out the answer in the worst way possible.

It hadn’t been an easy few weeks for Redcloak. He’d been having the strangest dreams about groups of strangers with nothing better to do than torture him for their amusement. So he was surprised when, for the first time in a long time, he drifted into sleep, and was spared from bizarrely erotic dreams. Instead, he dreamed of his God.

“How much would you be willing to sacrifice for your people?” Asked the Dark One.

Redcloak didn’t remember his words, but had a feeling they involved falling over himself to say he would give up anything he had, anything in the whole world if it pleased the Dark One, who just smiled, and said, “That’s what I wanted to hear. Terribly sorry, but I just couldn’t wait to ask your permission. I was just confirming that you’d be okay with what’s happening to your body right now.”

That was when Redcloak realised that he lacked a physical body, and that if he directed his attention downwards, he could see what was happening to his body. If he’d had a stomach, he’d have thrown up.

“Way to take one for the team!” Grinned the Dark One. “I’ll return your soul to your body when the Snarl’s done with it. Think about how much we’re learning as we speak!”

Redcloak didn’t agree or disagree, he just watched numbly as the cosmic abomination finished doing whatever it was doing with his body, and spat it back out on the hard floor of his study.

He jerked awake, naked, cold, hurting in places he didn’t know had nerve endings, and filled with the terrible knowledge of what had happened to him the previous night. Of course, he was filled with more terrible knowledge a few weeks later when the urine sample came back positive: He was pregnant.

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