Teevo/Hieronymus Grubwiggler

Teevo sat dejectedly in the smoldering ruins of what had once been Xykon’s stronghold, and before that, the Azure City. “Teevo,” it chirped sadly. The poor creature had no way to express its loneliness, even to itself, and just chirped its name, over and over, willing someone to come back for it.

It had no clue how long it sat, alone and unloved, but one day, weeks later, a lone figure appeared in the distance. This person was different from the looters and brigands Teevo had seen earlier. It lacked the stealth, the subtlety. A well of hope surging deep in its tiny heart, Teevo called out to it. “TEEVO!” it cried.

The figure started, and looked around, unable to locate the source of the sound. “TEEVO! TEEVO! TEEVO, TEEVO, TEEVO!” The person must have heard the sound, because it began towards Teevo, slowly, uncertain. Soon, it was at Teevo’s side.

“What in bloody blazes!” cried the man. Teevo’s response was much the same, only expressed in inartculate Teevo sounds. The man who had come to Teevo’s aid could only be loosely categorized as such. He was more like a frog on two legs, with a long white beard and dingy grey robes. Nontheless, Teevo felt a spring of love for the first sapient being it had interacted with in months. The two looked at each other, and the man, Hieronymus Grubwiggler, was his name, finally said, warily, “Well, you haven’t attacked me. I suppose that means you’re on my side. Can you understand me, little man?”

“Teevo!” said Teevo, perkily.

Grubwiggler chuckled. “Well then, Teevo, I think this is the start of something beautiful.”

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