The man across the bar was pretty cute, She decided. He was bald, and had dark skin not unlike her own. Also, he had that tough body that suggests he spent most of his time wearing heavy armor and swinging a big sword. With large hands… buff arms and chest… strong legs…
She frowned inwardly at herself. She'd decided to keep back on the sex so that the other women at the university would stop calling her a slut and whore. Besides, she didn't want any unfortunate implications, and he seemed too old for her — mabye in his early 30s.
On the other hand, the guy was very cute. And it seemed like he had noticed her, too, mostly due to her rather revealing outfit. He walked over and sat down in the empty seat on her left. "Can I buy you a drink?" He asked politely.

The next morning, She had a massive hangover. She woke up and turned over, seeing this strange, strong man wake up at about the same time. At first She was shocked, then She remembered last night. It was one of the best nights She had ever had. "Hey there", She said tiredly. They talked for about half an hour, then He asked about her childhood, seemingly out of the blue. She thought for a moment; why would he want to know? But She answered: "I never new my dad. My mom left him while she was pregnant with me, but from what she said, he wasn't very nice. She described him as a mean old wizard, who cared more about his work than his family."
That was odd. He was trying to cover it up, but She could tell that he was kind of worried. Then he spoke: "Oh my gods, I just realized that we don't even know each other's names! I guess we were too drunk to care."
She thought back, trying to remember if She had said Her name. "That's strange. I'm Julia. Julia Greenhilt." The worried look on his face suddenly turned into one of sheer panic. She was puzzled and a little frightened… until he replied.

Several weeks later, She was back at the bar. She was wearing a thick shirt and pants which showed almost no skin. She was in no mood to flaunt; She still hadn't gotten over what had happened. She had gotten the clerics' test back that morning.
She sat down at the bar and ordered a water. She couldn't afford to drink; not in this condition. Then She saw Him walk in and sit at the other end of the bar. He didn't seem to notice Her. She walked over behind him and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. Turning around, His inquiring look turned into one of shocked surprise. "Julia! I thought…"
"We need to talk." She cut him off.
"Okay… but I thought we agreed to forget about it and never speak of it again. I think that plan is working for us."
"We can't. Roy, I… I think I'm pregnant."

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