I, Miko Miyazaki, the newest recruit of the sapphire guard, was on a mission. I was to vanquish an evil black dragon who had inhabited a swamp near my beloved azure city. I had been charged with destroying it.
As I neared the swamp, I noticed an acidic reek in the air. I assumed that it was the evilness of the black dragon. Or maybe the moldy cheese in my pack, but probably the evil.
Inside the swamp, I noticed a large trail, as if some dragon-like beast had been here. As I followed the trail, I started hearing some small, mewling noises. I noticed a cave. The noises seemed to come from inside it. I peered inside the cave, and there was the dragon with some of its babies. I silently withdrew some of my throwing knives, and prepared to throw them. I noticed that I only had enough knives to end all but one of the litter. as I prepared to throw them, the mother noticed me. Seeing that I was about to kill her babies, she roared at me. I threw my knives, but didn't wait to see if they hit their marks. I jumped out and drew my sword, and rushed into the cave. All of a sudden, a hidden door slammed shut. as I turned around, a strange pink gas filled the cave. I felt myself getting drowsy…
I woke up, and the most beautiful black dragon I had ever seen was in a steel room with me. I felt myself moving toward the dragon, undressing…
the next thing I remembered, I was in a hospital, 9 months later. aches and pains were going through my stomach, and suddenly, several winged, black… things popped out. I returned to Azure City as soon as possible and purchased a memory spell, to forget the events.

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