MagicianMan5 stood in the Room of Crack-Pairing Tables. He rolled on the Initial Table twice and summoned Haley and Vaarsuvius.
"Huh?" said a bewildered Haley.
"What in the blasted infernal Hells is going on here?" said an annoyed V.
"You are in the Room of Crack-Pairing Tables." Said MM5.
"Ugh, not this crap again!" Said Haley, really pissed now.
"Unfortunatly,"agreed V," I must agree with Ms Starshine, i am still weary from having to pretend to like that annoying drow, Zz'dtri."
"Well, i'm just giong to see how this plot will unfold with another roll of the 20d." he rolled on the Random Event Table, while V and Haley made a dive to stop him.
"Nooo!" Exclaimed Haley as the die rolled across the table.
"Damnation!" shouted V as the die slowed to a stop, landng on three.
"So, you two get to be in this room, with die, magic tables, and drunk. this should be fun to watch, you know, from a safe distance." And saying so, he walked out the door, with a twirl of his cape, locked the door, and watched as the two people went crazy inside and summoned up people and things they didnt even know, and everyone they did know, with every single event on the table. and after the party ended, everyone passed out, and disappeared back to their own world, seeing as its nearing the end.
"Wow," said MM5 afterwards, "that was much more fulfilling than playdrake, and with twice as many bad plot jokes."


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