Shadowdancer/Soul Splices

"Well" The Shadowdancer said to himself, as he was tormented by one of the many feinds who inhabited the 6th hell, "This is what i get for letting the horny dwarf handle the explosives." It was another few weeks before the feind let him off the Spiky Table While A Comicly Oversized Football Shoe Presses Down Hard On You, and he walked around, took a Boat Ride of Torture down the river Styx, and met three different Damned Sorcerers. their names were Jephton, Haera, and Ganonron. Jephton was a master of arcane flexibility and "flexibility," if ya know what i mean. Haera was a necromancer who could end lives with a single thought, and make them a whole lot more "pleasurable," ok? Ganonron was able to teleport anywhere and conquer anything. "Anything," huh? The Shadowdancer first thought was 'i think i love these damned souls'

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