Tsukiko/Flesh Golem Roy

Redcloak knocked on the door to Tsukiko's room. It was important. He needed the TPS reports and Jirix had given the job to Tsukiko. Alright, it was more he won a bet with her and gave her the job. but the lack of professionalism irritated Redcloak to no small degree. He could also tell she was ignoring him. He could hear the bedsqueaking from this side of the door.

"I don't have time for this." Redcloak says to himself, "Ethereal Jaunt!" Normally, he'd be appalled to waste a seventh level spell so frivolously, but he wasn't using it for anything else, and he had a backup anyways. "TSUKIKO! I need that damned TPS report no…"

His eyes were greeted with Tsukiko in a french maid costume, mounting a corpse. A strangely familiar corpse, but Redcloak couldn't quite put his finger on it given all the stitches and semi-dried out nature of it. The fact that she was doing this did not surprise him… until he realized the corpse did not smell right. It wasn't… properly dead for lack of a better term.

"Ever hear of knocking?" Tsukiko said angrily.

"I did several times. I need that TPS report. It's already 2 hours late!" Redcloak said, trying his best to ignore both her and her bedmate's ugly human physiology. He couldn't help but notice the report was incomplete and in the living room.

"It's been that long?" Tsukiko said, acting surprised, "Wow, I bet Xykon could never keep up with you my love! I guess I don't need to impress that old bag of bones anymore."

Redcloak's wisdom and sense motive scores were too high to be fooled. "Look, I try not to judge. As far as I'm concerned, you being a human already makes me think too lowly about you, but this is pathetic."

"How dare you imply our love is anything but the purest pure. Set him straight Ray!"

"Roooooooy…." The flesh golem mumbled.

"Whatever! Tell this nonbeliever how our love is nothing but true."

"Loooooooove…." The flesh golem mumbled.

"See? It's true. We love… love… Oh Ray, I love you too much to lie. I'm not over Xykon. I'm just using you to make him jealous." To Redcloak's surprise, this was the first bit of honesty out of her all night. "I mean, at first, that's all I wanted to do. Make Xykon jealous. But you've been such a great listener and this foray into artificial instead of dead has made me so excited, I think I am falling for you… but I… I want Xykon more! I know! He's totally out of my league and doesn't swing that way, but he's so powerful and I've always had a thing for older skeletons. I'm sure you'll understand Ray. It's not you, it's me. I just can't let this go on any more. I don't want to hurt you any more that I already have."

Redcloak stood there, watching this scene unfold. He had one response. "Excuse me. I need to wash my brain out with Clorox."

As he turned to leave, he heard a mumbling from 'Roy'.

"T…P…S…." Standing there, was the flesh golem while Tsukiko got changed, holding out the report. Redcloak took it and with a quick look through, realized it was properly done.

"You did this?" Redcloak asked, genuinely surprised.


"Thank you." Redcloak said, blushing.

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