ABD/The Oracle

The tears began to drip down her face, smoking as they hit the stony floor beneath her. The Oracle had told her what happened to her beloved son and how valiantly he had fought against the despicable adventurers. He had been unusually expansive in his answer to her; granted, she was capable of obliterating him within 2 rounds but she sensed there was more to it than that…

“If it hadn't been for the elf…”

“Vaarsuvius!” she said, with even more venom than usual.

“…I think he'd have a new green-hilted toothpick by now.”

“You have done more for me than you know,” said the Dragon, gazing at the little kobold below her. “Now I can have closure, followed by an unspeakable revenge.”

“It was nothing, really,” replied the Oracle, blushing.

“You have earned your fee a hundred times over and a little something more…” She leaned over and with the softest of movements, nipped the back of the Oracle's neck. He turned towards her face, a huge smile beginning to form, and licked her cheek.

Leaning in closer, she whispered gently into his ear, “Do you have somewhere a little more private we can go?”

By way of an answer, the Oracle raised a hand and a section of ground near the tower opened up into a long dark passageway. The Dragon followed him down the steps, which opened out into a huge torchlit cavern. Gold and jewels were scattered across the floor and towering piles of skulls stood in each corner of the room. In draconic terms, this was the equivalent of a huge four poster bed with silk sheets and a champagne bucket in the corner. She was momentarily taken aback.

“I hope you're not in the habit of seducing every ancient black dragon that comes to your tower,” she murmured.

“No ma'am, I'm very particular in whom I chose to spend the night with,” said the Oracle, grinning broadly. *

She stretched out on the nearest heap of gold and looked at the small kobold, afraid to ask the question that had been running through her mind. He already knew what she was thinking and held up a couple of scrolls – Enlarge Person and Bull's Stamina. Her eyes began to blaze with lust and as soon as the casting was complete, the Oracle slipped off his robe and moved behind her….


“Huh, has that hole always been there?” said the figure in red.

“Definitely,” replied his green companion, leaning in for a closer look.

“I can hear something.”

“Yeah, I can hear it as well,” said Green, glaring at his friend.

“No, seriously, it sounds like someone moaning and gasping,”

“Yeah, it doesn't sound like someone saying “Yes, yes, oh yes!” at all.”

“I think it's getting louder. I wonder what's happening down-”

Unfortunately, their conversation was cut short as a colossal fountain of acid burst forth from the end of the tunnel, reducing both of them to dripping acid-stained skeletons. Had either of them survived and felt brave enough to head down, they would have seen a dragon curled up with a small kobold in her arms, fast asleep.


The sun shone brightly on them as they emerged from the cave and the dragon announced she had to leave.

“Are you sure I can't persuade you to stay a while longer?” asked the Oracle, a mixture of hope and regret in his eyes.

“I'm sorry, my love, but I have to go…” she said, gazing wistfully at her companion. With broad strokes of her wings, she slowly began to ascend.

“Will you call me sometime?” he yelled.

“You're the Oracle!” she laughed. As she looked back, she winked at him in a way that made his cynical heart leap with joy. He thought about using his powers to see if she'd return but decided against it. It would be a wonderful surprise for the future.

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