Booted Wight/Ghoul

Following The Mistress' instructions, the wight took his young and attractive friend to the tower dungeons to get a bite to eat. On the way, the wight took time to explain that, despite the fact that they were unnatural abominations, did not mean that they made the process of killing their victims evil and unpleasant. Actually, the wight tried to make it a fun little game….

"Now this little piggy went to market…."


"…and this little piggy stayed at home…."


"….and this little piggy rolled a paladin…"


"…and this little piggy rolled a gnome…."


"….and this little piggy was chained up in a dungeon waiting to be executed in a fun and happy way by a lovable wight…"

"…..*cough*….*cough*…..*urk*……" X_x

"So you see Mr Ghoul," continued the wight, "I think prisoners appreciate the personal touch when you try and make these things as painless as possible."

The ghoul tore off the prisoner's arm and began to chew with the zeal of a halfling coming off a diet. "HIS FLESH IS RICH AND BLOODYI like your shoes by the way."

The wight found himself blushing and looked demurely down at the floor…

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