Miko/The Oracle

Miko began to climb the tower, at the top of which she hoped to find the location of the Order of the Stick. They had sought the Oracle's aid many times and each of their endeavours had met with success as a result She hoped that she too would have success.

Upon opening the door, she found her view of the chamber obscured by four steel pillars. In their shadow, she could see a small figure moving around. Probably a halfing or gnome, she thought.

“Greetings Oracle. I have come to seek your aid.”

“Honey, the sort of aid that you need is beyond me – I think you're looking for a highly qualified psychiatrist instead.”

“Enough of your insolence! Tell me what I need to know or-”

“Or what?”

Miko stepped back, a frown forming on her brow. She could see the Oracle clearly now – a small kobold in an ill-fitting robe and hat. Such a creature would pose no challenge for her newfound powers.

“Look up.”

What Miko had previously assumed to be a set of pillars were in fact the legs of two of the largest iron golems she had ever seen.

“After your little performance with those two hapless shmucks at the junction, I thought it only prudent to get a little outside assistance…."


“Dude, check out the chick in the black leather! Let's totally mess up her head!”

“I'm so not up for that!” said the second guardian, a large grin forming on his face.

Miko approached the two guardians, her patience almost completely worn away after listening to the Voice drone on for sixty minutes. “I seek the Oracle. Which is the correct path?”

“Left,” said the first guardian.

“Right,” said the second guardian.

“One of us always tells the truth, the other always lies,” said the first guardian. “You are allowed one question.”

“One question? Very well…” said Miko.


“Now then,” Miko addressed the trembling guardian before her. “My question is this – have I just dismembered your colleague here?”


“Left it is then. Thank you for your assistance.”

“There are two questions you actually want to ask me. The one you're about to ask me, I'll answer free of charge, as it is a goal I'm sympathetic towards, for various personal reasons involving windows and psychopathic halflings.”

“Where can I find the Order of the Stick?”

“You will catch up with them 6 days after arriving on the Western Continent.”

“Will I be successful in my task?”

“A choice of arms will decide the outcome of your quest.”

Miko frowned. Not quite the answer she was hoping for – she would meditate on the cryptic answer later. The Oracle stepped closer to her and the two iron golems moved to block the only exit from the room. His black eyes were shining with greed and something else she couldn't quite read.

“Now my dear, it's time to discuss your payment.”

Miko's expression changed from one of puzzlement to one of panic. Since her rebirth as a Blackguard, her purse had vanished along with her old uniform.

“Don't worry yourself, sugar,” said the Oracle, his long thin tongue gently caressing Miko's ear. “There's more than one way to settle a debt…”


As she climbed out of the Sunken Valley, Miko pondered the mystery of the Oracle's message. Did it mean that she would need a magical weapon of some sort? Would her existing blade break during the battle? Such questions would need to be resolved before the final confrontation.

She also found herself wondering about the soreness between her legs and the faint reptilian bite mark on her neck….

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