Miko continued her journey, the grey clouds in the sky mirroring her own mood. It seemed as though her meeting with Roy and the Order of the Stick had placed a curse upon her life. Before, she had been a shining example to the paladins of Azure City, never failing in her missions to bring the wicked and corrupt to righteous justice. Now, she was alone, abandoned by her former colleagues and even her gods – all that was left for her was revenge. Miko cast her mind back to the fateful deal she had made and the price it had cost….

“You…you came back…”


“Have you come here to attack me again? Because quite frankly it was a pain in the neck last time.”

“Cease your foolishness. I have not sought you out for that reason.”

“Then why?”

“I…require the aid you suggested in the dungeon.”

“Oh wow, you mean you want to become a-”

“Yes. I seek bloody vengeance upon the Order of the Stick but as I currently am, I would be swiftly defeated should I try to face them.”

“Well honey…you came to the right girl,” said Sabine, with a wink.


The temple loomed above them. Once, Miko would have found the building a source of inspiration and power, its ornate depictions of the Twelve Gods soothing her soul and renewing her determination. Now, it merely seemed hollow and empty.

“There are several ways to become a Blackguard. One is to murder a number of innocent people but I don't think you're up for that…”

“While I hate the Order of the Stick with every fibre of my being, I see no reason to drag civilians into our conflict.”

“Whatever. The other way is to defile a holy sanctuary.”

“How on earth would we do that?”

By way of reply, Sabine simply smiled and walked over to a large stone altar. The altar was surrounded by very small statuettes of the Twelve Gods and one in particular caught her attention. She beckoned Miko over and began to undress her. Sabine then made Miko lay down on the altar as she reached for a statuette of the Serpent God, with its long, straight body and smooth round head….


As she recalled the blasphemous acts they had performed together and the dark words spoken by Sabine in the fiendish tongue, Miko was surprised to find the memories did not disturb her. All she could remember as the ritual reached its climax was a burning fire spreading throughout her body before descending into a dark pit of oblivion. When she came to, she was alone. Gone was her uniform of the Sapphire Guard, replaced instead by strange armour made of tight fitting leather and a sword with a blade as black as midnight. She quickly left the temple, anxious not to be discovered and began the long journey in her quest for justice.

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