Vaarsuvius/ABD/Hieronymous Grubwigger/Xykon

V slowly open his eyes and gazed at the unfamiliar surroundings he found himself in. The room was full of arcane and mechanical devices, bubbling tubes and manacles. There was also an uncomfortably large amount of dragon, which even now was glaring at him from the opposite side of the room.

“Vaarsuvius,” it said.

“Dragon. Or what is left of your wretched kind,” glowered the elf.

“It is fortunate for you that I share your incarcerated situation, or I would even now be devouring you slowly. Feet first.”

“Do you happen to know the individual responsible for chaining us up? All I can recall is walking down the streets of Greysky City when a hammer struck me over the head.”

“The same thing happened to me,” replied the dragon, somewhat embarassed.

V appraised the dragon with a disbeliving look.

“It was quite a large hammer…”

“AH, I see you have made introductions!” said a thin, reedy voice from across the room. The repulsive figure of Hieronymous Grubwigger lurched into the room, his grotesque skin neatly complimenting his deeply suspicious accent. “You should both feel honoured, for today we bear witness to the creation of a species NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN THE WORLD!!!!!!” he shouted, barely managing to contain the insane laughter that usually precedes a blasphemy against nature.

“Mr Grubbwigger,” replied V testily, “half dragons are not an unusual species, in this or any other world and the odds of my willingly copulating with the reptile opposite are on the far side of remote.”

“FOOL! I do not need your co-operation, or that of the dragon!” he snapped and pulled on a large metal lever. A slow moment caused the elf to look up. A large and very ominous metal object was descending slowly towards him – it was a shame V had never seen any James Bond films, otherwise he would have correctly used the phrase “death ray”. A similar device was heading to the dragon.

“FEEL THE UNTAPPED POWER OF NATURE!” shrieked Grubwigger, as lightning roared through the equipment towards the death rays. A low humming sound rose in volume and pitch as V thrashed back and forward, desperate to avoid the horrible fate awaiting him. The death ray let out a high pitched shriek as a small needle poked out of the end and drew a drop of blood from V and the dragon.

“Now, Vaarsuvius, your hidden ancestry shall mingle with the ancient bloodline of the Black Dragonflight!”

The two drops of blood rushed towards a large chamber in the centre of the room, mingled and with a flash of light, a small egg appeared. Both prisoners looked surprised.

“Well, its been fun, but I have a client waiting for this,” said Grubwigger, placing the egg in a crate marked “c/o Xykon, Great Western Desert.”

The devestation was horrific – it was hard to believe that one single creature had done all this. Its stamina was beyond belief, it was capable of flight and served as Xykon's personal mount. It was now going to serve as an executioner to the unfortunate commoner begging for his life in the ruins of the village.

Despite the terror he felt, the commoner couldn't help but stare at the bizarre creature before him. It was the size of a mature dragon and had long tail, wings and talons like others he'd seen. However, the head was most definitely not reptilian and the body was covered in purple fur. It had a large hump in the centre of its back, which served as the seat for the lich and with a loud “HWWWWWWRAK”, spat some noxious substance over him, which immediately caught fire.

“It spits napalm as well?! I really wish I hadn't killed the frog-guy – I could have used a lot more of these.” The creature flapped its wings and slowly began to fly away. Soon the entire continent would begin to tremble before the awesome might of…..


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