Redcloak was most definetily not amused. Her thoughts on his undead employer were approaching homicidal. Well, re-homicidal. Or whatever you do to liches. Xykon should have known better than to first craft a Ring of Masculinity/Femininity and then give it to Redcloak as a "gift". But had the lich even apologized? Well…given his conduct after even worse atrocities, the answer should be obvious. So now Redcloak now sported some rather drastic changes in her anatomy. Speficially two largish additions and a pretty noticable removal.

So Redcloak now had to go to her chambers, in order to research some kind of a way to get the Ring off her finger. Perhaps not the most amusing way to spend his next few days, but it was definetily preferable to the advances that she had had to endure from the hobgoblins nominally under his command. She knew she could never forget the wolfwhistles from every trooper she had passed. Well, not exactly every trooper, there had been the one hobgoblin who enjoyed hairdressing and designing clothes… But, still, it was quite enough to drive any cleric to hermithood. So Redcloak trudged on, towards his room. Suddenly, she heard a voice shout "Supreme leader!" behind him. She turned slowly and prepared for the inevitable tirade of lecherous comments about her new shape, but it was no common hobgoblin soldier who had called, but the undercleric Jirix. "Supreme leader, I heard of the catastrophe!", Jirix said. "If you allow, I'd like to come and help you with your research." Redcloak was suddenly overcome with gratitude towards Jirix. "Thanks, it would really help to have two pairs of eyes reading the scrolls" "Well, that's what I do, gorgeous…er, I mean, Supreme Leader" replied Jirix, blushing.

So, Redcloak and Jirix walked to Redcloak's chambers. They sat down at the desk, and started reading the erudite tomes of Redcloak's library. Eventually, they had to take a pause to drink some Green Goblin brand spirits and eat some ethnic foodstuffs. As they enjoyed their meal, Redcloak felt an odd sensation in his midsection. Something she had never felt before. Odd, really, seeing as he was quite an old goblin now. Unless of course…it had something to do with the recently changed pieces of her anatomy… Suddenly Redcloak felt an almost irresistible urge to kiss Jirix. Damn, he thought, this will be awkward. Redcloak whispered to her assistant "Um…this might seem odd to you, but would you mind terribly if I kissed you?" Jirix looked very surprised. "Yeah, I guess it does" Redcloak sighed. "I guess you have to leave now." Jirix just stared at her. Then he leaned forward and planted his lips on Redcloaks soft mouth…

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