Yokyok/Kobold Girl

Yokyok had been wandering through the wilderness for what seemed like an eternity. Having received word of his father's inglorious end at the hands of a halfling, Yokyok had quickly gathered his few easily transportable belongings (mainly consisting of a long, sharp rapier) and kissed his grieving mother Ackack and equally grieving sister Punpun on the cheeks. Thereafter, Yokyok had but one reason for existing, and that would be to exact his vengeance.

As Yokyok was wandering through the wilderness, therefore, he started to wonder about how he should make his identity known to the halfling assassin. He had got only as far as "Hello. My name is Yokyok." when he espied in the far blue yonder the entrance to a valley. An alltogether sunken valley, to be exact. Yokyok wouldn't have been a very good kobold looking for vengeance, if he had not looked at every single nook and cranny on his way.

So, Yokyok, the recently orphaned kobold master swordsman entered the sunken valley. He walked and walked along an oddly well-traveled looking road, until he saw a smallish settlement. "Odd," thought Yokyok. "I haven't heard of kobolds building a village this far into the north." Well, Yokyok wasn't one to look an opportunity to eat and sleep under a roof after a few weeks of doing the same exposed to the elements.

Yokyok entered the little settlement and saw, right beside the pathway, a sign reading "Village of LickMyOrangeBallsHalfling". This seemed rather a curious name for a kobold settlement, no matter where it was located, but, then again, kobold towns were usually called something along the lines of "Dragonbury". Yokyok was still pondering about the village's name when he had to stop and pick his lower jaw up from the dusty road. For, walking into a small tavern, was the most beautiful kobold girl he had seen since… well, since his mother had found that copy of "Playkobold" under his mattress and burnt it. Yokyok quickened his pace and entered the tavern a mere blink of an eye after his new quarry.

Yokyok blinked a couple of times to adjust his eyes into the gloom of the tavern. There were only a few patrons inside, so he had little trouble finding the girl. She had just placed an order at the counter and had sat down at a table for two! Yokyok twirled his moustasche a little and walked up to the girl's table. "Pardon me, m'lady, but aren't your feet tired after you've been running through my mind all my life?" The girl stared at Yokyok a little worriedly. "Seriously? That's the best line you can come up with?" Yokyok blanched a little. "Um…well, I didn't have a lot of time to think about it." The girl rolled her eyes. "Look, pal, just sit down and save us both the trouble of you embarrassing yourself further".

Yokyok sat down and started talking with the comely lass. Things started to go a lot smoother after a couple of minutes, as the memory of that first chat-up faded slowly into oblivion. Yokyok bought the girl and himself a couple more dragon's tails and things started to go even better. Soon, Yokyok felt the girl brush her foot against his leg. "Oh, blessed Tiamat!" thought Yokyok. This went on for a little while, after which Yokyok, terribly flushed, whispered "Look, maybe I should get a room here." "That would be a really good idea, sugar" said the girl, without any embarassment. Soon, they walked upstairs, hand in hand.

After a night so unforgettable that Yokyok wouldn't forget it even after a spell to do exactly that fired, Yokyok and the girl were talking over breakfast. They shared their hopes and dreams, and inner secrets. The girl asked Yokyok if he had thought of an ending to his introduction to the halfling. Suddenly, Yokyok realized he had. He cleared his throat "Hello. My name is Yokyok. You killed my father. Prepare to die." The girl frowned. "I don't know, maybe you can think of something a bit better…"

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