"Arghh!" Exclaimed the young paladin. "I can't get this cursed belt off!"
"Sorry, Miko, I tried to warn you" Said Roy "But, you know, there's an oracle in the Sunken valley, maybe you can… just… go there, and ask him how can you take the belt off?"
"Very well, Greenhilt. Durkon, please see that nobody tries to escape during my absence"
"Aye, lass. I'll try ta." Said Durkon, thinking that as soon as Miko was gone, the rest of the group wold run away no matter what he said.

Miko set off. When he arrived to the sinken valley, he found that there were no tests. He wondered what was going on. He entered the tower, it was completley dark. He found a staircase, and climbed it. Maybe this was a test?
"Hello, Miko" He heard a male voice "You wonder why are there no tests outside. It's because I decided to get all three tests together in one"
Miko looked around for the source of the voice.
"Who are you? Where are you?"
A light turned on. He was in a small room, only with a bed. Right in front of him, there was a male Kobold, with a French maid outfit, and a duster on the floor.
"So…" Miko suddenly felt the hormones inside his new male body boil. How was this happening? The kobold closed the door, and sensually walked toward him. That was it.

Miko threw the kobold on the bed
"You are the oracle, right? You knew this was going to happen" He said, between kisses
"Y-yes…" Said the oracle. His skin felt delicious undermeath Miko's. The clothes were part of the past now. The passion that now ran through their veins took control. They were made for this moment. The belt was a bother to Miko, but a small one. It was useful for the oracle to get a hold while they became one…

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