Sarah Greenhilt/O-Chul

"So, Mrs. Grenhilt. I believe I had the pleasure of working with your son, back there" Saluted the Azurite.
"Really?" Said Sarah, welcoming the man into her house. Seemingly his parents weren't home, so he had wandered off around Celestia until he found her. "I hope he behaved. He can be a meanie sometimes, but he has a heart of gold"
"I do think so" Said O-Chul "He made really good deeds. Unfortunatley, I didn't really get to know him, but his heroic actions speak for him"
"Aww, that's good. But you know I didn't invite you to my house for talking about Roy, right?" she changed her tone to a more sensual tone "I have a proposition for you" She whispered in his ear. He felt a chill come down his spine. He hadn't done this in so long…

And three months later he got a letter to his parent's residence. He jumped on his seat.
"Oh, by the twelve gods!" He exclaimed
"I didn't know either" Said a female voice from behind him "I didn't know I could get pregnant in celestia"

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