The Snarl/Roy

He never thought he'd be doing this. How did they convince him? How could they do this to him?
The bald man walked toward the huge rift on the sky, until he was right underneath. He looked very uncomfortable on the tight black leather outfit, and heels that matched. He was no female, and he tripped upon reaching his destination. Then, he saw something strange. The rift seemed to have acknowledged his prescence. Something came toward him. Closing his eyes, he prepared for the worst.
Nothing happened. He heard a scream. He was about to open his eyes, when he felt something surrounding him. It was a strong claw, gently lifting him from the ground. He knew this was going to happen.
"Roy!" He heard his friends screm. And then, suddenly, he was gone to them.

As he woke up, herealized that he was surrounded by claws. Pulsating threads were all around. He blushed, his heart was beating faster. But… just why?
Then he saw them. Beautiful red eyes, made of raw reality material, looking into his. He could feel his temperature rising. He felt the outfit tighter at each second.
Then the Snarl reached toward him.

Before he knew, the leather jacket was gone. So the snarl, the deicidal abhomination, was about to unmake him, part by part? Or…
He gasped as the snarl's claws got nearer to him. To his surprise, the tangle was soft.
"You… are not going to kill me, right?" Asked Roy, letting his weight onto the Snarl's claw beside him. The snarl growled. But it sounded more like… a purr?
The heels were gone in a pinch. Roy felt his feet wonderfully light after wearing those horrible things. A bunch of threads, forming roughly a body, got near to him, pressing against him. He looked in the red eyes. The red eyes looked into his. Suddenly, Roy knew what the Snarl wanted. And he was oh-so-willing to give it.
The claws reshaped, now like hands, and reached for his pants as he surrendered hiself to the feelings they provoked in him…

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