Tsukiko's Ploy (Part 2)

Tsukiko had everything prepared. She had done everything meticulously, the candles arrayed subtly for effect, her strongest draw undead on herself beneath her sheer teddy, subtle makeup and body paint accentuating her shapely bone structure, and had the ornaments of power precisely laid. She knew the lich of her heart valued power, and what better way to turn his eye? The tell-tale clack of Xykon’s stride interrupted Tsukiko’s thoughts, and she adjusted her posture very deliberately.

Xykon was muttering about the latest town that had been in their path, “…heh, now that was a great betting pool. And a great meteor swarm opportunity. Now I wonder if that lackey remembered to bring me that scroll…”

He stepped in to find Tsukiko and the alluring items of power, stopping the lich in his tracks. For once, he even missed that he had made a Will save. Recognizing a lackey trying to impress instinctively, Xykon spoke sarcastically, “I ask for a wish and you empty Redcloak’s private armory? Here I thought my phylacteric anniversary was next month…”

Tsukiko didn’t beckon explicitly, but instead coyly tossed her head, “Oh, these? I thought you’d enjoy gloating over past victories while you pondered your wish…”

Xykon certainly didn’t miss that Tsukiko was holding the scroll against her slender neck and just beneath her chin, an invitation to claim his new belonging. Xykon had certainly not ascended to lichdom and epic spell-slots without his fair share of intellect, and most his life (not to mention his entire unlife) in the evil business. So the natural question came, “How do I make this benefit me the most?”

Acting on a sudden impulse and idea, Xykon slowly took the scroll from Tsukiko, making sure to brush her skin from just above the top of her teddy to out from under her chin. ‘Ignorant’ of the effect he had just had, Xykon drawled, “Yes, well, I’ve been getting a few idle ideas. Maybe you could help me choose the most fun option?”

There was no missing the excitement following Xykon’s contact heightening with his suggestion, but the cunning lich swiftly averted his gaze as he tapped the scroll cap against his ulna in ‘deep thought’. Tsukiko draped herself eagerly on Xykon’s arm and he blithely declined to comment as she practically sparkled, “Well, you were always saying how we never have enough components, why not make it interesting with some for your favorite play-time spells?”

Xykon grinned evilly, “Why yes, that sounds absolutely delicious. Well done.”

Xykon bit back the snicker forming, the fleeting thought ‘Like fireballing a barrel of monkeys drenched in alcohol’ running through his brain. Always a lich of action, if sometimes idle action, Xykon dangled out a proposition coyly, “Tell me, how would you like duties to better assist my grand design? It would please me greatly and be very rewarding…”

Tuskiko’s heart leapt into her throat and she gasped out, “Absolutely, your commands are mine to fulfill!”

Xykon once more kept himself from snickering as Tsukiko’s eyes indicated the piece of furniture she was hoping his commands would lead them. Man, this not smirking thing was getting hard, but a lich has to do what a lich has to do for the greater fun of it all. Xykon quickly embellished the details of Tsukiko’s current work, making everything sound grand and ultimately fulfilling before finishing with a snap and characteristic fury, “…so I’d appreciate it if my powerful minions GOT TO WORK!”

The sudden surge of fear from Tsukiko was delicious, but he did notice how cute that end looked in black silk through the chemise. It had been a long time indeed since Xykon had indulged in anything resembling physical affection, but he did have the spells to make it more than worthwhile. Certainly more fun than the boring days between towns. Opening the scroll, Xykon made his tedious if profitable wish and pondered the best ways to make his new game more interesting.

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