Nale/Sabine's Child (Part 1)

I saw it. The Angel. It was wearing a mask concealing its face. I was scared; I felt the sweat drip to the floor. It turned around, it saw me. It started floating towards me; I couldn’t float so I ran. They where everywhere. They were descending from above. I saw fire, why? It was behind me, it grabbed me by the throat, and it lifted me up. It chuckled. I saw them. They where heading towards me. They where glowing, holy light. It inspected me, they checked my head. I heard more chuckles. The laughter boomed through me, the laughter was heavy. I felt pain, it wasn’t physical pain. It felt like my breath was on fire. I was breathing fire. More chuckles. It dropped me. I wanted to see my parents, were where they? I felt myself crying. Everything that wasn’t my skin was on fire. I saw my hand, it was lighting up like a candle. I saw my bones, I wish I could look more carefully but I was on fire. There where gone. Why? Why wouldn’t they help me? They where angels, I knew angels where kind. Why not help me? I was on fire. I collapsed.

She gasped for air. She saw her horse, she saw the fire. She was on the ground. She looked at her hand. It was light brown. She cursed the heavens. She looked around. It was dark. The wind was blowing. She took the bucket of water and put out the fire. She stomped the remaining ashes into the ground. She took out the sleeping bag. She went back to sleep.

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