Nale/Sabine's Child (Part 2)

She was Somewhere all right, where else but Somewhere would the alcohol be more concentrated than moonshine? She looked into the glass in front of her. She wondered how much water was needed in order to distill such as high concentration of alcohol (Maybe a drop per bottle). But unfortunately the group sitting next to her didn’t seem to get the memo, they where on their fifth glasses at the least. Her eyes lit up, as she remembered some old saying her father used to say, “If you’re in a tavern, and you see somebody drunk they will either spew important information to whatever you are doing, or attempt to kill you”. She listened to what he was rambling about “Ahn then I sw the trs rex and it ahu” she stopped listening. Oh boy she was in for a wild ride. The guy turned around to face her “Ar thu gonah drink tat?” Gritting her teeth she replied “No, the Tavern has a one drink minimum and this would make a fine Alchemists fire with the right materials”. ”Uh ok” answered the drunk with a dopey expression on his face, “Hey yu lok a lilt fuhey”. She froze up as her body went through checking that everything was hidden, her tail was carefully rolled up into a secret pouch hidden in her cloak, the hood covering her horns. Heavy goggles dimmed the red light coming from her eyes. The gloves she was wearing…. “Right hand Bare” her nerves screeched, as she did a visual check to see that her right hand was in fact completely bare, exposing the large claws at the end of her hand. “What are you talking about?” She attempted to fake. “Wehlll…..I donnoh, you remih me of sohbody”. Her body still frozen she asked “Of what , I mean who?”. “Oh I gew ih” Yelled the Drunk at the top of his voice “Yo a onsta, you han is all crawy”. Just that second she realized that most of the people in the bar didn’t get the memo either as they readied their weapons.

“Darkness” She muttered as a perfect sphere of shadow absorbed the tavern.
She took off the goggles to allow her natural dark-vision to watch her back. He quickly surveyed the room for people who might also have the ability to see in darkness, she counted 2 dwarves but they looked sober and nonthreatening at the moment.

She jumped out of the way as two drunks impaled themselves on each others weapons. She drew out her own freezing long sword and used it to block a battleaxe heading towards her head. She wondered if anybody there had anything worth stealing amongst the chaos. She decided not to take the chances and started to make her way towards the door. She paused for a second as a Female Halfling fell down from the ceiling with an arrow in her forehead and walked out the open door shutting it behind her.

Later that evening she arrived at the inn.
She asked the innkeeper “Is this the Lowland inn?”, the innkeeper who was obviously very tired answered “Yes”.

She ordered a single room for one and made sure nobody was looking at her. She quickly took of the guise she was wearing and stretched her tail for a while, it was painful but it helped her from being killed by every good aligned church or other while she was visiting the city.

She lit up a candle (She didn’t need to but she liked the light) and stared at the flame for a while. She reached her finger inside the flame and watched it change to her touch. It didn’t hurt; it tickled slightly but didn’t hurt.

She remembered the first time she found out .

“And that’s how the little monk found out that he was allergic to apples” her father finished.

They where camping outside with the fire roasting the wild pig they caught.

“Daddy why did the monk loose his monk powers?”

“Because he was stubborn and didn’t listen to his parents.”

“But isn’t that a little mean, he wasn’t doing anything bad, but he lost all the powers he worked so hard for.”

“Well that’s why in the next story I will tell you how he became a Psion”

“Cool but can we eat first? I’m starving”

“Ok sweetie, we need to feed the angry beast don’t we?”

“Grr I’m Hungry”

He took out his sword and attempted to cut off the left leg of the boar, but the flesh couldn’t hold itself and the entire boar collapsed into the fire.

“F-….Darn, Ill have to get another one, stay here.”

Her father turned to get out the bow he was hoping to use on catching a bird

She felt very hungry, she didn’t feel like waiting.

“Daddy look”

He turned around to see his daughter halfway in the fire, she was giggling and trying to pull the boar out of the fire with her clothes smoldering in the flame. Her two red eyes shone even through the fire. She was dragging the boar by the tusk.

“Salinah!” Her father towards her.
She finished pulling the boar out of the fire, clothes flaming.

“Predistation!” Her father screamed Desperately as he put out the flames.

“Don’t ever do that again!” He said as he hugged her. He was trembling as he spoke

“Why daddy, I’m ok and I now we can eat” She said with a happy grin on her face. She was unharmed; the fire didn’t even scorch her hair. “Can you use the magic spell you used to take away the black stuff from the pig? Cause I don’t like that stuff”. She really didn’t understand.

She blew out the candle.

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