Julio Scoundrel/Lord Shojo/Horace Greenhilt/Durokan/The IFCC

Julio, Shojo, Horace, and Durokan are in spirit form watching Oots preparing to battle Xykon down below.
Shojo: Well this is tiresome to watch.
Julio: You'd think they'd have gotten something done by now but all they're doing so far is casting buffs on themselves.
Horace: We may as well try to pass the time. So, how'd you guys go out?
Shojo: Rampaging paladin.
Durokan: Rampaging lich.
Julio: Rampaging airship.
All three heads turn to stare at him.
Julio: Long story.
Horace: Well… anyway, why are you all here? I'm just here to watch over my grandson.
Shojo: Looking for my cat. Apparently he accidentally killed off the halfling that took care of him so now I have to find him another psychopathic killer.
Durokan: Well I'm just here to see whether my death was completely meaningless or just kinda meaningless if those kids manage to actually stop the lich.
Julio: I was just bored and felt like checking up on how my protege is doing.
Suddenly, a voice came from behind them.
Cedrik: Care if we join you?
All four men quickly turned around in surprise to see the three fiends behind them. Horace immediately reached for his sword before realizing that he was in spirit mode and couldn't actually hit anything.
Horace: What do you want?
Lee: Oh we were just bored at waiting for the wizard to get to the gate already so we're just looking for some diversion until we can finally put our plan in motion.
Durokan: What do you mean?
Nero: We would just like to offer you four a proposition to the benefit of all of our respective sanities.
Dorukan: Why should we trust you?
Cedrik: Oh it's not like we're asking for your souls or anything-
Lee: At least not yet.
Cedrik: -and this is just to relieve us all of boredom and pass the time.
Nero: I mean, can you guys honestly tell me you're not bored of watching that dwarf cast Bull's Strength for the 27th time?
Lee: Note: previous question was entirely rhetorical and should not be answered.
Nero: So all we're asking is for you guys to hear us out.
Julio: I think we should hear them out.
Shojo: How much could it really hurt just to consider their offer? I mean, we are all really bored of waiting, after all.
Horace: Forget it; I'm not letting any demon/devil/whatever-you-are try to talk me into furthering their plans. Besides, they should begin the battle soon anyhow.
Cedrik points downward towards Oots.
Durkon: Bear's Endurance!
Horace: What! Another one!? How many times does he have to cast that bloody thing? Ugh, this is going to take an hour at least. Alright, what do you want?
Nero: You, us, orgy, now.
Horace: Oh. Was that all you wanted? That's no big deal, sure.
Dorukan: It'll certainly make this intolerable waiting more bearable. Fine by me!
Julio: I wanted to sleep with you guys the moment I met you.
All three heads turn to stare at him.
Julio: What?
Shojo: An old man has needs too, you know. Count me in!
IFCC: Fantastic!
A short moment while the spirits/fiends get into position. Then, in the middle of their orgy:
Lee: …
Lee: Are you sucking my blood?
Julio: Um… no.

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