Sarah Greenhilt/Hydra

Sarah: So they just kept hitting you and hitting you?
Hydra: Grrr.
Sarah: And they just assumed you were Evil? They didn't even ask if you were a Chaotic Good hydra fighting against the oppression of your Evil brethren?
Hydra: Grrr.
Sarah: Oh, you poor thing! Let me hold you.
Hydra: Grrr.
Sarah: You have so many heads, it's so hard to pick one to comfort…
Hydra: Grrr.
Sarah: Hey, are heads the only part of you that can multiply?
Hydra: Grrr?!
Sarah: Let me just test it a little. Don't worry, this is Celestia! This won't hurt a bit…
Hydra: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

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