Haley/Vampire Shadowdancer

The shadowdancer was alone in the dark streets of the city searching for a prey to feed the beast inside of him. After a long search, it was almost the time for him to return to his secret lair where his dark bedroom waited him to sleep without anybody in the sunny days, when he saw her, a beautiful girl with her long red hair lying on her shoulders in the arms of a tall man with blond hair, so he use his powers over shadow to teleport behind the man, he took him and disappeared again, teleported in his lair he then sucked the guy dry, he then reappeared at his first spot and runned after the girl yelling :
Shadowdancer: Miss, do you need help?
Haley: Did you see the monster that took the man that was beside me?
Shadowdancer: No, he was just too fast, but I’ll protect you, miss.
Haley: No, Elan can’t be gone… No! (She started crying)
Shadowdancer: I’ll kill the monster that did this if I encounter him, I swear.
Haley: Not Elan!
Shadowdancer: Miss, we need to protect you first, we’ll go to the nearest inn.
Haley: Thank you, but that won’t bring back Elan!
Shadowdancer: I swear, I’ll bring him back him back if I can, I swear!
Haley: Thank you.
Shadowdancer: I must be the vampire of this town, I know where his lair his, go to the inn, I’ll join you after.
Haley: I wanna come!
Shadowdancer: It’s really dangerous.
Haley: I’m an adventurer I’ll be fine, you and what do you do for a living?
Shadowdancer: Eh… I’m a dancer; I’ll show you my skill at tango after.
Together, they went to the secret lair of the Shadowdancer where they’re was the corpse of Elan on the ground. Haley starts crying stronger when she saw it.
Shadowdancer: I love you I can’t start a relationship by lying!
Haley: What are you talking about?
Shadowdancer: I’m a vampire and I killed your boyfriend to have the chance to live with you!
Haley: I knew it all, since the beginning.
Shadowdancer: What?
Haley: I only wanted to go to a dark and secret place with you; you’re really sexy you know.
Shadowdancer: What?
Haley: Transform me, please; I wanna be with you forever!
Shadowdancer: Ok, that’s strange, but ok.
He then proceeded to transform Haley into a vampire and they undeath happily ever after and didn’t have a lot of children, because vampire are sterile.

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