Nale/Haley and Elan/Celia

Elan and Haley were together for eight months now and Haley was pregnant. During this time, Nale was discovered that Haley was pregnant but knew that his brother was sterile, so he knew that this baby was his and not Elan's. So the next day, he went to the inn where the Order of the Stick was sleeping, and, using his charms he learned from the barman the room where Elan and Haley were sleeping, he went to the room and kicked down the door, yelling :

Nale : Elan give me my baby back !

Elan : What are you talking about Nale ?

Nale : The baby isn't yours it's mine, because Haley and me slept together the night I disguised myself as you !

Elan : So I slept with her that night too and the night after so this baby can be mine.

Nale : Yeah, but Elan, you idiot, you are sterile. said Nale calmed down.

Elan : Yeah, you're right, brother, but this baby can't be yours, no it can't !

Haley : So my baby his Nale's ?

Nale : Yeah, my beautiful, so come with me.

Elan : He's right, Haley, I'm sterile.

Haley : You lied to me, Elan, you're a lying bastard !

Elan : But, Haley…

Haley : I'm sorry, Elan, I can't live with you anymore, I'll go with the real dad of my kid

Elan : Nale ! you won't steal my future wife !

Nale : Wanna fight ?

Elan : I certainly wanna fight, you monster !

Haley : No, Elan, It's too little, too late.

Nale : I win once again, brother.

So, Haley kissed Nale and went with him, because he was her real love, the dad of her baby, she couldn't face it before because she thought he was evil. Elan was crying, but it didn't changed anything.

The morning after, Celia entered Elan room's.

Celia : What happened last night, Elan?

Elan : Haley dropped me for Nale because he was the real dad of her baby!

Celia : That's really sad, but you're a really charming guy, Elan, you'll find another girl and that one will be the one.

There they were, eyes in eyes, and like if the time had stopped they kissed.

Elan : We can do this, you're with Roy !

Celia : I always loved you Elan, but you were with Haley so I couldn't reach you, but now, we can fly away and never come back. I love you, Elan !

Elan : Me too, Celia, you're really the perfect girl for me, but, Roy's my best friend, I can't do that to him.

Celia : Elan, please, we are the perfect couple, we need to be reunite, take my hand, I'll set you free.

Elan : Ok, Celia.

So, Elan took Celia's hand and they flew away by the window, Elan's heart now repaired.

The End !

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