Redcloak/Tsukiko/Julio Scoundrel

Tsukiko and Redcloak are preparing together a dark plan for Xykon.

Tsukiko : So I think we should use less goblins and more zombies

Redcloak : No, zombies are totally mindless and Roy has a undead killing sword, so goblins are a lot more useful in this situation.

Tsukiko : Yeah, you're maybe right, beautiful.

Redcloak : What? You called me beautiful and you think that goblins are better? What's wrong with you, Tsukiko?

Tsukiko : I just had a revelation, I was not in love with Xykon, but with you, Reddy.

Redcloak : No! That's just purely wrong I hate humans! I can't love a human woman, even as beautiful as you!

Tsukiko : So you think I'm beautiful, Reddy?

Redcloak : Yes! No! Maybe!

Tsukiko : Don't be shy.

They then almost shared a kiss, but before this moment of romance, a man entered by the window.

? : Let the girl free, greeny!

Tsukiko & Redcloak : What!?

? : You heard me the first time, let the girl free!

Redcloak : Who are you, human!

? : I am Julio Scoundrel, the world sexiest man, before they raised Valentino again.

Redcloak : You're not that sexy!

Tsukiko : No, you're wrong, Reddy, he's sexy as hell.

Redcloak : What! You think he's sexy! I thought you loved me!

Julio Scoundrel : Love you! You're only a pathetic goblin!

Redcloak : Pathetic, I'll show you pathetic! Desintegrate!

Julio made a backflip and evade the spell he then charged at Redcloak with his rapier saying :

Julio : I ate a pickle that was as green as you, yesterday!

Redcloak fell on his knee the charisma of Julio to high for a priest to support that damage.

Julio : Prepare to die!

Tsukiko : Stop fighting for me! We have enough Tsukiko for you two, sweethearts.

Julio : But…

Redcloak : Yeah… she's right.

Tsukiko : So, let's go to my room, but before we'll ask if Xykon wants some action.

Redcloak & Julio : Good Idea!

Redcloak : But not for the part with Xykon.

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