Thog/Sabine (Part 1)

Nale, Thog and Sabine are in a cheap inn discussing :

Nale : Team, we have to destroy my brother and his team of retarded adventurers.

Thog : Thog like not-nale and ice cream!

Nale : No Thog, you don't like Elan, you hate him!

Thog : Thog hate not-nale?

Nale : Yes!

Thog : Ok, then.

Sabine : Can we come back to the subject, please?

Nale : Ok, so I'll leave for a week or so to find my brother and his team, while, you will stay here.

Sabine : With Thog?

Nale : Yes, he's a barbarian he can protect you.

Thog : Nale leave Thog with demon girl?

Nale : Yes Thog and be gentle with her.

Sabine : I don't want to stay with Thog.

Nale : You will!

Sabine : Please, don't leave me with Thog.

Nale : I'm leaving now so do what you want but with Thog.

Sabine : But sweetheart!

Thog : Bye, Nale don't hurt Not-Nale.

Nale : Shut up!

Nale then left the inn leaving Thog and Sabine alone for a week.

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