Thog/Sabine (Part 2)

Thog and Sabine are in the same room, the silence is suddendly broke by Thog :

Thog : Wanna get some ice cream?

Sabine : No!

Thog : Demon girl say that cause Thog is green.

Sabine : No, that's not because of that…

Thog : It's because demon girl fat and ugly.

Sabine : What did you say! You worthless piece of soylent green.

Thog : Lawyer behind you!

Sabine : What?

Thog : Nothin'

Thog : Thog's sad, demon girl not funny and happy with him

Sabine : Please, don't cry Thog.

Thog : Thog's not crying, Thog's sad, because Thog want ice cream.

Sabine : Let's go get some ice creams.

Thog : Can you hold my hand?

Sabine : …

Thog : ?

Sabine : Yeah, Thog.

So they went, hand in hand, to the ice cream parlor.

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