Thog/Sabine (Part 3)

After they ate their ice creams Thog and Sabine were still holding hands.

Thog : Demon girl can stop holding Thog hand now.

Sabine : Yeah. (Blushes)

Thog : What do we do next?

Sabine : I need to go to talk to my superiors for now, I'll be back soon.

Thog : Take the highway.

Sabine : What?

Thog : It's faster!

Sabine left the room through a portal and left Thog alone.

Thog : Thog find demon girl nice to Thog just like a puppy, if Thog could have one.

Thog then went to sleep. The next day when he woke up Sabine was in the same bed as him.

Thog : What is demon girl doing!?

Sabine (Woking Up) : I was scared and wanted you to protect me.

Thog : Thog think demon girl don't like Thog

Sabine : You're pretty nice in fact, Thoggy.

Thog : Who?

Sabine : And the fact that you're dumb as mud is cute.

Thog : Like a puppy

Sabine : Yeah, like a puppy.

They then went back to sleep together, Thog holding Sabine in his arm to protect her.

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