Thog/Sabine (Part 4)

When she woke up, Sabine admire Thog and his strong half naked green body.

Thog (Awake) : What is demon girl doing?

Sabine : (Blushes) Nothing.

Thog : It's ok, Thog loves Thog's strength score too.

Sabine : So what do we do, today?

Thog : Thog and demon girl could just stay here.

Sabine : Good idea!

They stayed all the day in the inn. But at night a man entered the inn yelling :

Man : This is a hold-up, don't move or I kill that girl, taking Sabine in hostage.

Thog : Let demon girl free or Thog smash your head.

Man : No, The man yelled slitting the troath of Sabine.

Thog : No!

Thog charged the man, impaling him on his axe and swinging it in every walls to make sure the man is really dead, he then runned to Sabine and took her in his arm.

Thog : Demon girl don't die!

Sabine : Thog.. I…

Thog : Please, what do demon girl want to say to Thog

Sabine : Love… You…

Sabine then died in the arms of Thog, Thog for the first time in his brutal half-orc life was crying, because he lost the only love he ever had. Not knowing what to do now, he made what Nale said him to do, wait for Nale, so, he waited with the corpse of Sabine for 4 days until Nale arrived.

Nale : Hello Th… Oh my god, Sabine's dead, you killed her, you monster.

Thog : Thog didn't killed demon girl, Thog loved demon girl.

Nale : You lie! I'll kill you for this monstrousity!

Thog : Thog don't want to fight Nale!

Nale : That will make it easier for me.

Nale charged Thog, Thog didn't want to kill Nale but it was the only thing to do, so he swinged his axe inside the head of Nale killing him in one hit.

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