Thog/Sabine (Part 5)

Thog, having killed his best friend and saw the death of the only love he ever had in his whole life, was thinking of putting a end to all his misery. But, he decide to find the Order of the Stick and ask Durkon Thundershield, priest of Thor, to ressurect Nale and Sabine. Even him knew that it certainly wouldn't work, but it was the only thing for him to do now. So, he ''bought'' a chariot and went on a long trip to find the Order of the Stick. After a long year of tracking them, he finally found them in the middle of a road in the forest.

Thog: Thog want little guy ability to bring back Nale and demon girl.

Roy: Thog, what do you want.

Thog: Thog already said what Thog want.

Roy: You want Durkon to ressurect Nale and Sabine?

Thog: Yes!

Roy: We won't do that!

Elan: Come on, Roy, Thog's not evil he's just dumb.

Roy: I will feel as dumb as Thog, but do it, Durkon.

Durkon: Two ressurection spells extra evil coming, lad.

Durkon then proceeded to ressurect Nale and Sabine.

Nale: It's good to be back.

Sabine: True, sweetheart.

Sabine and Nale then shared a passionate kiss, Thog heart's being crush like a kobold by his axe.

Thog: Thog tought, demon girl, loved him.

Sabine: Sorry Thog, Nale's the only one I will ever love.

Nale and Sabine then went away flying. Thog crying for the second time in his life.

Elan: Thog, forget Sabine she wasn't the good girl for you, just like Samantha was mine.

Haley: Elan, just shut up or your good ending won't happen.

Elan: Sorry, Samantha and Haley are just two similar names.

Haley: If you didn't have like 20 of charisma I would just dumb you here.

Thog: Stop screaming at each other or Thog will be angry, not-nale and redhead girl are happy together, Thog was just dumbed.

Roy: Ok, so goodbye, Thog.

Thog: No, I want to come with you!

Roy: What?

Thog: Thog is like not-nale and his team, Thog want Nale dead.

Roy: Ok, then come with us, but we will keep an eye on you.

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