Thog/Sabine (Part 6)

After tracking Nale and Sabine they followed them to a dark cave.

Thog: Thog will go alone!

Roy: We'll come with you.

Thog: No, you don't come.

Roy: Ok then.

Thog entered the dark cave until he found the light made by the torches hanged on the wall by Nale and Sabine, there they were, kissing each other.

Thog: Thog challenges Nale in a duel for demon girl.

Sabine: No, Thog he will beat you!

Thog: Thog as nothing to do on the heart, without you.

Nale: I accept with pleasure.

Nale and Thog began to fight, Nale evade every single of Thog hit and gave pretty strong strike to Thog, Thog was losing the fight, until in a moment of total rage he took nale and tear him in two pieces.

Thog: That's what you get for hitting Thog.

Sabine: Thog I don't love you!

Thog: Ok, then Thog be on Thog way, but Thog now have fulfilled Thog revenge.

Sabine: Wait, Thog!

Thog: What, demon girl?

Thog and Sabine then shared the most passionate kiss you ever seen and it became rapidly sometime just not PG-13 enough for this thread.

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