Our scene opens in a small light blue tent on an island near the Western continent. The banner outside reads 'New Azure City's finest tequila bar and ice creamery'

We see Lien sitting at a back table, drinking from a small glass. There are seven empty small glasses scattered around the table.

We cut to an alleyway outside, where a gate opens and three evil looking adventurers come through. The barbarous half orcs stomach rumbles loudly and the fighter/sorcerer/rogue looks nervously at the fiend. Then they both spot the banner and sigh in relief. Going inside, the trio find the owner and, pressing a surprisingly large pile of gold in his hand, the leader instructs him to bring their friend as much ice cream as he wants.

The owner replies 'Aye but I'm short on tables, so he'll have to share one with another patron.' The fiend and the poorly multi-classed leader reluctantly accept and leave to complete their evil mission. [One that we won't see except as a bonus strip in the next trade paperback.]

The next panel reads 'Three hours later'

There are now fourteen small empty glasses on the table, and a veritable mountain of empty ice cream dishes are piled beside it. Lien looks up into the barbarians eyes and says 'I've always liked bad boys [hic]. That's why I became a Paladin, so I would have a class feature that would let me detect them. You're just the sort that I like. How's about you and I slip away from this joint and find ourselves someplace a little more private…."

The last row of the strip has three panels in it
1) A close up of the barbarians face, where panic is mixed with something else.
2) A completely black panel
3) The morning sun is coming into a slit in a fancy tent with a large bed in the middle of it.

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